9-Month Immersion:
The Work and EIQ Level 2

The Work and EIQ Immersion: You Are Not Your Feelings

Pre-requisite: completion of Level 1
or relevant foundation / experience in The Work of Byron Katie

FULL, Wait-List Only

This Immersion Course has three primary focuses.

The first focus: A deepening of the skills you learned in EIQ Level 1.

I have selected four topics offered in four 2-month Modules. During the first 6 weeks of each module, we meet weekly for a Teleclass. The last two weeks of each 2-month Module is Practical application and partner work. Even though we will work with the focused topics, the overall “topic” is immersion in TERA, The Emotional Resolve Approach, and application of emotional freedom in your life challenges.

In each of the four focused topics, you'll identify the imprinted emotions and uncover what beliefs keep those imprints within you as blocked energies. With inquiry, you'll question those beliefs and cultivate the willingness and skills to apply alchemy to the blocked energies. You'll uncover core (false) identities, and grow your capacity to offer them in the form of raw energy, to the space--where they resolve in the crucible of awareness.

With consistent exploration and application, you'll break the mind's spell to keep you stuck, by involving with imprinted emotions. As you learned in Level 1 The Work and EIQ,  the mind's agenda with feelings is just not true.

It's not true: How I feel is how something should be;
It's not true:  How I feel is how I should act or respond.


This is my Welcome message to all Immerse-ers. (From The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer).  It's from the chapter "Transcending the Tendency to Close."  This is a good subtitle for our Immersion: TRANSCENDING THE TENDENCY TO CLOSE.


"Everything you see inside is just something you see inside.
It’s not you; it’s what you see.
There is simply the pure energy pouring inside of you that creates the ripples of thoughts and emotions,
and there is the consciousness that’s aware of it.
There is simply you watching the dance of the psyche.
In order to reach this state of awareness, you must let your entire psyche surface.
Every little separated piece of it must be permitted to pass through.
Right now, many fragmented parts of your psyche are held within you.
If you want to be free, it all has to be equally exposed to your awareness and released. [Release all involvement]
But it will never get exposed if you’re closing yourself.
After all, the purpose of closing was to make sure that the sensitive parts of your psyche don’t get exposed.
So you catch on that no matter how much pain the exposure creates, you are willing to pay that price for freedom.
When you are no longer willing to identify with the part of you that is separating itself into a million pieces, you are ready for real growth.
Begin by seeing the tendency to protect and defend yourself.
There is a very deep, innate tendency to close,
especially around your soft spots." --Michael Singer

We will identify and explore this tendency to close in relationships, body health and appearance, money and other areas where we have become accustomed to closing. The closing is what delivers the experience of limitation. It cannot be true, but only a bought-into effect of the tendency to close. Welcome!


The second focus: Growing into Being. As we explored in Level 1 (the shortcut principle), “taking the shortcut” in the EIQ work means to quit negotiating with the mind, and go directly to the feeling that drives any persistent belief.

In Level 2, we go further. We go directly to a specific feeling: the feeling of “me.” Resolving the feeling of me allows the shift from “person,” to Being. Making this shift requires a bridge, and TERA is that bridge. TERA is how you learn to “take your stand in beingness.”


Beingness is a different world, a different dimension, to which feelings have no access. That is why any manipulation of feelings can never take us to beingness. Just as we can cut through thinking-ness and go directly to the underlying feeling, so we can cut right through the layer of feeling-ness, boldly, and return to beingness. Take your stand as awareness, no matter what.

If we take our stand in beingness, there will usually be great upheaval to begin with. There will be a revolt, an uproar. However, stay strong bold, and steady because at the end the feelings lose. Gradually and miraculously things will sort themselves out.

The moment we take our stand in beingness, the gates to harmony open. To begin with, there is a lot of pressure. There is a big flow of energy through these gates, but the flow is moving in the right direction. Don't be disappointed if you think you are not getting the expected objective result. There's not the way it happens. The results don't come from the objects. Being is a different world, a different dimension.

--Francis Lucille, The Perfume of Silence


The third focus: Confirm emotional freedom (after energies are unblocked). To accomplish this, you will set an intention to get your life right, in any or all areas where it's not right: Money, health, food cravings and compulsions, relationships, work, and your relationship with God (Spirit, the Divine, etc.).

Each participant will bring their “Top 10 Hits” (issues) to the first day of class. These are the top 10 things or people in your life that are problematic and (seemingly) the cause of stress and disharmony within your being. This is not a complicated exercise; it's very simple. Just make a list of 10 words (concepts) that make you cringe, sink, shake, fume or fuss. Words such as "mother", or "weight," or "indigestion;" or "Trump," "dieting"  "the devil." (Well, those last 3 are actually one and the same now, aren't they?) (Just kidding... I have no political leanings).

Over the 9 months, you'll identify the imprint—the causal point of each of these "problems" (growth challenges). Then you'll bring alchemy to the disturbed energy at the core of the issue. After patiently and skillfully allowing a disturbed energy to resolve, you'll set a course of action, inspired by the Living Turnaround process. During the 2-week Practical following each 6-week Telecourse portion of each module, you'll work with your assigned partner to implement the turnarounds in practical action.

The aim of this approach is to bring resolution to your top ten hits, by starting from what you are: Beingness. Being the space for disturbed energy, is a not-doing. It's taking the shortcut—not only to achieve inner peace, but to accomplish the reflection of that peace in your outward world experience. Because as you consistently address the causal point (the emotional imprint) of any problem, what you will notice is something quite spectacular: after a while you will notice things start happening in your outer experience that will start to bring resolution to your top ten hits.

You'll experience that you have done nothing to make these changes happen. Those changes will not come out of your doing. You'll not be able to deny that you couldn't have made those things happen. That phone call, the needed help arriving out of “left field,” bumping into that person. There's just too much synchronicity going on for this to be the effect of thinking-and-doing.

And those things coming out of left field enable you to resolve your top ten hits. You will realize, “I'm being brought what I need to resolve those issues.  I'm receiving what I require to bring resolution to those situations, without doing! In fact, I'm not doing, I'm undoing.” Further, by consciously journaling and sharing these left-field "receivings" with your classmates, you increase the flow. (Test it!)

The gift of this approach—resolving the emotional imprint first, the causal point for any problem—means that you confirm to yourself the unlimited power of Being. The old way of think-and-do, based on the belief in separation (me, an autonomous entity), fades away like a bad dream. You learn to meet your life problems (challenges) not through reactive thinking and stressful doing but by simply letting the universe bring you what is needed to correct the “problem.”

Any impersonal (not-a-person-there) desire will be effortlessly fulfilled by the universe (Being).  All that's needed is to get the idea of a person out of the way, and empty the imprinted, disturbed energies that have been mis-identified with.

This is the end of problems, and the beginning of facing challenges with enthusiasm and love.

The third focus in this 9-Month Immersion is your opportunity to “test it.”


"You are not who you feel you are. Even if you feel that you are who you feel you are, you are not who you feel you are. A feeling, an emotion is not your real nature. You're not really a disappointed person. You're not really a jubilant person. You're not really a sarcastic person. You're not a gloomy person. These are feelings that you love, that you live with in great companionship. You live with those in order to have what you call life.

But you've got it wrong. You're not the storm of emotion of rage. You're not the stormy ocean. You're really, in reality, you're the very calm peaceful lake."--Vernon Howard.


This Immersion explores four  areas of life where the believed-in me-feeling and me-thought runs the show—where you most easily become emotional and suffer the nightmare of separation.

These areas are:


--Health, Appearance, Food Cravings and Compulsions

--Work and Money

--Fear and Limitation

The program is divided into four 2-month modules, plus a 1-month mid-term Practical in July.  (Scroll down to view Comments from recent EIQ Level 1 Graduates). 


SCHEDULE: March—November, 2019

Module #1:  March 3--April 27

Module #2: May 4--June 25

Mid-Term Practical: July 1-31

Module #3 August 4--September 24

Module #4: October 6--November 30

Module 1: Relationships

Teleclass Dates

Sundays: March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, April 7.  Time: 7 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. PT

Mondays: March 4, 11, 18, 25, April 1, 8.  Time: 5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. PT

Practical Partner Work: April 9-30.  Finding and proving the turnarounds; Implementing the Living Turnarounds.


Module 2: Health, Appearance, Food Cravings and Compulsions

Teleclass Dates

Sundays: May 5, 12, 19, 26. June 2, 9.  Time: 7 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. PT

Mondays: May 6, 13, 20, 27. June 3, 10.  Time: 5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. PT

Practical Partner Work: June 11-25.  Finding and proving the turnarounds; Implementing the Living Turnarounds.


Mid-Term Practical

During the month of July 1-31, you'll  journal your shifts and gains from the Course so far. As well, your daily practice (a few minutes or longer if you choose) will be working with the items on your Top 10 Hits in a specific way. You'll meet with a partner weekly (or more often as you wish) to practice TERA. You'll take turns hosting (or co-hosting) a weekly support call for class members.


Module 3: Work and Money

Teleclass Dates

Sundays: August 4, 11, 18, 25. September 1, 8.  Time: 7 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. PT

Mondays: August 5, 12, 19, 26. September 2, 9.  Time: 5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. PT

Practical Partner Work: September 10-24.   Finding and proving the turnarounds; Implementing the Living Turnarounds.


Module 4: Fear and Limitation / October-November

Teleclass Dates

Sundays: October 6, 13, 20, 27. November  3, 10.  Time: 7 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. PT

Mondays: October 7, 14, 21, 28. November 4, 11. Time: 5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. PT

Practical Partner Work: November 12-30.   Finding and proving the turnarounds; Implementing the Living Turnarounds.



Each module includes:

6 weekly Telecalls, (attend either Sunday Section or Monday Section or alternate as needed for your convenience);

Class recordings;

Assigned and chosen partners;

2  private sessions with each Module (8 total for the program);

Unique curriculum;

Membership in private Facebook page;

Ongoing support and inspiration.

Tuition $2997,  Pay via credit card, Paypal or check.

Register Here:  $2997


Payment plan: 3 payments

--$1297, due March 1 2019,

--$1197 due June 1 2019

--$1197 due September 1, 2019.

Paypal link for payment plan: https://www.paypal.me/EJLavine

If paying by check (contact me for mailing address) then its all 3 payments $1197 each.


Comments from January 2019 Level 1 Graduates: 

Rumi Quote Makes Sense Now

Thank you, Elizabeth! Loved the class. The Rumi saying “The cure for the pain is in the pain,” makes a lot of sense now....  H.B.

A Jewel

This class and this teaching is like a jewel, that I never could have imagined existed! P.V.

Expansion Felt: Such a Gift

The 10 ITW credits earned for this class seems like nothing considering the expansion felt, and learned accessibility - like you said Elizabeth, the story-free space is always there, often ignored. This course has been such a gift.  N.V.

Emotion Realized as Fuel Source for Worksheets

The tail end part, the deep dive and TERA revealed to me what might be the source for the (more than) hundred worksheets that I had written about those situations with my mother.  I realized that the emotional (beyond the initial thought) felt like the fuel source allowing for the myriad of forms that my worksheets could take.  L.R.

Innocence Seen

 Thank you for another brilliant class! I did the exercise this evening and it was a very powerful experience. I found and allowed the feelings to have their life and also saw all the limitations I innocently took on from the “moment of impact.” So grateful to be on this journey with all of you, and to have you as a teacher, Elizabeth.  D.T.

A Game Changer

 My anger masks my shame. I am not angry for the loss of acceptance or approval, I have shame because of that loss and it is easier to be angry than to feel the shame. I have come to realize when I don't feel good enough, when I feel helpless or hopeless, I use anger to shield me from experiencing the pain of that emotion/energy. Rather sit with the energy and just be, I gear up with anger, which protects me (and keeps me from) feeling and dealing with what I am really experiencing. Through TERA, I was able to question this and work through this to see what I have been doing. It has opened up a huge new realization of how to be. I can now sit with the shame and work through it. Before the exercise I felt weighted down by the burden of these feelings. By the end of the process, I realized I was sitting up straighter, feeling more open, breathing better. This has been a blessing and a game changer for me. Thank you, Elizabeth.   L.S.

Allowing Shame-Energy Brings Light

 I had the insight that once shame is allowed to be what it is- only a disturbed energy- and see the light, afterward comes the freedom to be who we really are in whatever form that takes-dancing at that moment for me! Thank you! thank me.  J.K,

Heart Opened with TERA

Dis-covering and feeling the loss that was underneath the anger helped to see her/myself on a much deeper level. Through TERA my heart began to open again - and the harshness I had perceived from P. turned into compassion, then re-connection. The before harsh sound of her 'slamming' the gate in front of me, turned into the sound of a Zen bell inviting me to wake up - respecting mySelf, free from entanglement. Thank you!  C.O.

At Peace in a New Way

 I had no idea that this shame was living inside me until I identified the feeling/energy, put an age on it and remembered the experience. The minute I did that, I was back in it, with a full emotional response that was incredibly powerful to feel. As I went through the exercise and began to let go and just observe, the energy became just that: energy. Nothing more. I am at peace in a way that I haven't felt before. Beautiful experience. Thank you, Elizabeth.   Z.K,

Huge Release

I realized that collection of sensations was mislabeled (society's label) as defensiveness.. It gave me great relief to let it flow past me and feel the sensations without the story.....I could just love the person I had previously felt the need to be "defensive" with and accept them as loving their story MORE than the truth and that was okay. I now feel compassion and love.....HUGE release for me.... thank you…

I Feel Blessed

 I feel completely different after that last session And the beautiful train (of thought?) analogy? It’s just stayed with me and grown. I’ve had opportunity to share it with a few people too and they’ve also said how much it helped. Thank you for your beautiful clear channel. I feel blessed.   Y.D.

Grateful for “The Emissary Principle”

During my work with  my partner (thank you so much!!!) the idea of being an emissary for these energies came up, and it was such a sweet thought. an emissary! One that receives these energies and then allows them to go back to where they came from, or helps them to the story-less space instead of entrapping them within our thoughts and bodies. Freedom for me, freedom for the energies. I noticed too that my upcoming day which I had not been looking forward to, now was viewed with anticipation after doing the Homework for this week. Very Grateful!    M.B.

Life Changing Exercise

I have been carrying this energy of threat  with me for 8+ years. I have avoided seeing these people because of this energy and belief that this energy created for me. It will be interesting to experience them without this energy no longer living in or with me. It was a very powerful exercise for me- to see this energy and how strong and big it was for me when I began the exercise and then to see it diminish in strength as I zoomed in and out of being with it and then story-free, was liberating. I am seeing how I can bring peace to any situation and give peace as well. Not easy to do at times, but nonetheless, by sticking with it I see how free I can become. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for this gift. Life changing!  N.H.

Many Takeaways

Dear friends, I was driving to work and couldn’t share at the end of our Class on Sunday. Here just a few of my many takeaways: Remember to breathe and keep some of your attention in the field of Awareness...


I can choose to lay it down - any moment - like right now...

Being the Space

Thank You again Elizabeth for this amazing course!! For your generosity, for the great private sessions, the extra support calls, the great movie clips, your writings! Your Love! And Thank you All! Enjoyed being with you!  W.M.

Lesson Six is a Wonder

This lesson is brilliantly conceived and written... just a wonder. Thank you!   T.S.

Lesson Six Has Captured the Essence

I totally agree with T.S. Lesson 6 is brilliantly conceived and written. I just read it once more this morning, slowly as a meditation. I’m not surprised that many that have studied the Bhagavad-Gita have connected with a deeper meaning of it after seeing this film. [Legend of Bagger Vance] What Elizabeth, with this lesson #6, has captured, exposed and offered, is the essence of everything that is already inside us to free us… both the perceived problem and its antidote inherently already there… both so close to each other that we got involved in one while being the field of it…

This entire course made me revisit other profound texts and teachings that are revealing themselves in the light of TERA, breathing, and choosing… Letting myself be "available for that shot to choose me…. is about choosing awareness and “the field” instead of messing with something deserving to have its own life… Thank you.  E.P.

Collapsing Sensations

I wanted to share a couple of interesting observations about the last assignment. It was really powerful really connecting with the punishing energy-it was not rational. There was a lot of energy there. Being able to experience and FEEL what I wanted to do without any consequences and then zooming out as the neutral observer/space then zooming in was a great practice. As I did that, I noticed the "punishing" energy acted out then collapsed into another sensation of collapsing, aching, heaviness. Although that energy did not "resolve" I thanked it for revealing itself and look forward to experiencing that energy arising again (if it does). Thanks for this exercise, Elizabeth!   V.A.