Cut Through Layers of Feelings: Shame, Fear, Anxiety, Depression or Anger


Beingness is a different world, a different dimension, to which feelings have no access. That is why any manipulation of feelings can never take us to beingness. Just as we can cut through thinkingness and go directly to the underlying feeling, so we can cut right through the layer of feelingness, boldly, and return to beingness. Take your stand as awareness, no matter what.

If we take our stand in beingness, there will usually be great upheaval to begin with. There will be a revolt, an uproar. However, stay strong bold, and steady because at the end the feelings lose. Gradually and miraculously things will sort themselves out.

The moment we take our stand in beingness, the gates to harmony open. To begin with, there is a lot of pressure. There is a big flow of energy through these gates, but the flow is moving in the right direction. Don’t be disappointed if you think you are not getting the expected objective result. There’s not the way it happens. The results don’t come from the objects. Being is a different world, a different dimension.

–Francis Lucille, The Perfume of Silence

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