“I’m Afraid of my Emotions”–Is it True?


Ingrid: I’m angry and sad that I’m afraid of me and my emotions, and him and his emotions.

Katie: “You’re afraid of your emotions.” What are you afraid is going to happen?

Ingrid: When he left it was as if I had fallen into a hole. I was just crying and crying and I thought it would never end.

Katie: So sweetheart, close your eyes…go back and experience that again. Crying and crying and crying and thinking it’ll never end. What are you experiencing?

Now go back that place again. Respectfully go back to that woman who is crying and crying and thinks it’ll never end. Now, experience her…are you there? Okay, now be there, be that.

Are you there experiencing that?
Now within that experience, locate that part of you that is okay. The part of you that knew it was okay. [Pause]

Yes…That One is never fooled. That One is watching the child throw her tantrum, and waiting…for her to gather herself up, and to continue, and to get real. You can’t fool That One, can you honey? It’s a presence that’s always with you.

Let That One grow. Grow into That One.

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