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About Elizabeth Lavine


Her search for truth began in earnest in 1989, after a series of catastrophic losses.

She studied martial arts and practiced meditation with a Taoist Master for a decade.

In 2000, she met Eckhart Tolle. At the first meeting, she experienced a profound healing of chronic physical pain. From that meeting developed a passionate interest in emotional (“pain-body”) release.

In 2003, she found The Work of Byron Katie and completed a 9-Day School. After several years as a Certified Facilitator in The Work, she created The Work and EIQ, a blend of self-inquiry and emotional releasing.

However, it was not until she met her guide Laura Lucille in 2015 that she found the capacity to swiftly release the backlog of negative emotions that had maintained thousands or millions of subconscious thoughts—eons-old concepts of lack and limitation.

With Laura’s guidance,  she survived a “dark-night-soul” experience and created a Self-resting-release method that she now calls Swifter Intelligence.

These days, it is her passion and joy to support those who sincerely want to discover their true nature:  infinite-eternal-love-light-aliveness.

Knowing how to yield is strength.

Use your own light and return to the source of light.

This is called practicing eternity. --Tao Te Ching

"Finding this work and being facilitated by you has changed my life. I understand the utter simplicity of 'going within' and how to get the clarity I need."  J.M.




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