Look Upwards


An eagle hopped along the ground
left and right in mighty leaps
praised by crows who hopped along
left and right, beside her
all day long she hopped and hoped
to feel the pride she ought to
according to the crows.

Instead of pride, a great unease
thrashed and pressed all through her
try as she might to feel good pride
instead, a fear assailed her.
“Just stand still,” said Wise Old Crow
“like me—and feel your power.”

The eagle worked at being still
grounded, waiting, sad
it drove her mad—she gave it up
and hopped, to mere console her.

One day a shadow high above
a mighty eagle wise and brave
swooped down and made a landing.
“What are you doing, you foolish bird
trying to be a crow?
You are eagle, come at once
the sky above awaits you.”

The eagle wakened from her daze
though hardly she believed it
she, an eagle, soaring bird
not meant for barren ground?
Dared she did and soared aloft
to heights that did astound her
until her eagle eye came near
and level with a mountain peak
great empty sky around her.

Then her efforts came to rest
she sailed and soared through space.
supported by the cool updrafts
and stillness, good and grace.

You, too, can take the higher view
and leave your hopping mind
dare to do it — look above
true power there awaits you.
Look above—and stretch your wings
don’t listen to the crows.



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