August Taste of Swifter: Weekend Commuter

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“Turn away from the problem and access the solution.”  EL

NEXT COURSE BEGINS  Sunday, August 1 (through Monday, August 30), 2021

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The Swifter program works to change our habitual involvement with negativity that keeps us feeling stressed and unhappy. We have been conditioned to invest and identify with negativity, as taught to us in our families, communities, and our culture.  It is our addictive involvement with defeating thinking patterns that are the cause of unhappiness—not the out-pictured circumstances! Outer circumstances merely paint the picture that accords precisely–with whatever inner mental activity is (unwittingly) indulged and honored.

The Swifter Intelligence method offers a light, by which we identify defeating mental activity, and gives a clear and precise way to cut the cord of interest and involvement with such thinking. Making this choice restores our innate and unlimited happiness: access and unbreakable connection with the ever-happy and creative superhuman Self.

      • Research shows that one needs between 21-28 days to break a habit.
      • Therefore, for 30 days in a row, we’ll meet daily to break the habit of addictive involvement with negative suggestions of the mind.
      • We will discover the most effective means–to cut through thinking and reset chronic emotional reactivity, engendered by such activity.
      • Instead of focusing on “the problems” offered by conditioned, limited thinking, (let’s say, the idea that there is a monster under your bed), we turn instead to the solution: look under the bed! LOOK!
      • We will learn precisely how to look!—Self-resting-release, and learn to facilitate this life-changing method for others.
      • We will support each other to actually look under the bed regarding chronic negative feelings such as apathy, guilt, shame; fear, anger, and pride—and allow them to release.
      • We follow the release of negativity with daily tangible giving—giving to others.
      • We will learn other daily practices that establish ever-increasing lightness of being, making small course corrections throughout the day to stay elevated in our newly-found spiritual power.
      • We support each other, giving and/or receiving facilitation via a 24-hour 911 emergency hotline, staffed by elite Swifter grads, to stop the involvement with negativity once it starts.
      • Daily meetings are recorded (both audio and video) in case you miss one, or if you would like to revisit a topic.
      • Daily partner check-ins
      • Group Facebook page provides space for sharing and encouragement.

Give yourself the gift of radical stress-reduction, freedom from lack, limitation and negativity through the steps of Swifter—Self-resting-release!

“The Swifter program is like nothing else I have ever done. It is like being on intense retreat, but in my home environment, so that I work with the stressors in my life, as they happen. Never has my negativity been so challenged. Never have I felt so supported. I felt a sense of ‘peace that surpasses understanding’ that I had only ever read about.”  V.M.

Dates: 10 Days online Saturdays and Sundays plus the closing day, Monday. You will receive the recordings for the weekend days which are available for streaming for 30 days after the date of each meeting.

Time: 8:00 a.m. PT Saturday and Sunday (plus one Monday) online attendance, 1.5 hours

Tuition:  $597, includes the following:

      • 10 days  of online attendance;
      • 10 streamable audio and video recordings, with access for 30 days.
      • Complete Course syllabus.
      • Access to the Swifter 911 Support Line.
      • Membership in a private FB group.

Looking forward to being with you in love and joy in August 2021!







“Turn away from the problem and access the solution.”  EL

The Open Door: Invite Your Superhuman Self

Happiness: the prize of human life. To win the prize or the treasure, we are much aided if we have a treasure map! Wouldn’t you agree?

The Swifter Intelligence method is that treasure map, awaiting anyone who recognizes that true intelligence is the ability to be happy, even though most of us have been conditioned to believe happiness is the ability to solve problems: Solve problems “out there,” so you can get rid of an unhappy mood/feeling state “in here.” That’s endless!

What if it’s possible to solve unhappiness where it really is–to release identification and involvement with inner feeling states?

It begins by discovering your innate freedom to choose where you bestow your all-powerful attention, your Consciousness. Next is growing the capacity to release negative feelings that motivate all negative and problem-making thoughts. The result is the swift and steady inflow of peace, increasing well-being, and the doorway to an entirely new life! A life of connection, upliftment, enthusiasm, and unbreakable happiness becomes yours as you exercise your freedom to turn inward, towards the solution.

Simple, simple so sweetly simple! Recognize a negative belief demanding your attention; cut through thinking and go directly to the negative feeling or energy;  investigate the truth of the EIQ (energy-in-question); allow your attention to access, join and rest with your Self–serene, alive stillness–as the energy is absorbed.

You’ll learn how to uncover the lie and reveal the truth of any negative feeling, step by step with the main process in Swifter Intelligence: TERA, the Emotional Release Approach.

The lie: This negative energy-in-question is a threat, is unbearable, is an enemy.

The lie: This negative energy-in-question is a command to shut down, react, withdraw, attack, or judge.

The lie: negative energy-in-question is who I am, it defines me.

The Truth: When the energy-in-question is welcomed and allowed to run its course with zero involvement, zero judgment, it releases effortlessly. Thus, negative emotional energies prove to be neither a threat nor a command; not my real Self; not a viewpoint for an imagined person.  Therefore, It is I alone that has the power to sustain unhappiness, by imagining to be limited by thoughts and feelings, OR to resolve this false imagination inwardly. It is my freedom to do so as swiftly as I choose.

Releasing negative feelings is the swiftest way to achieve a quiet mind. Quietness is a magnet; Let your true Self come forth! Stand at the threshold of a new life. Freedom from former limitations imposed by the mind comes by answering the question, whenever there is triggered negativity, “What am I? The negative reaction or the freedom to choose–to go along with it, or not?”

By answering this question in truth, based on your actual experience, you invite your real identity to reveal and Shine: Infinite-Eternal-Love-Light-Aliveness.


20 reviews for August Taste of Swifter: Weekend Commuter

  1. Lara (verified owner)

    It’s like doing the school from home. The benefit to this format is what comes up is your everyday life. A tremendous experience. I’m only writing a positive review as I’ve already booked this course for a second time before it sells out! I would otherwise want to keep this all to myself! Amazing.

  2. R.L.

    Thank you so much for all that you are giving to us on this course. I am blown away by your generosity, and am extremely thankful and happy that I signed up to do this.

    Thank you, thank you.

  3. M.A.

    Person interested in May 2020 Swifter: I would love to hear from anyone doing the Swifter program – how’s it going? Is there a lot of time involved? I am considering the May class.

    Class Member: I have been doing it and I am loving it. It has been time consuming and also so worth the time. I will miss the daily contact in group work as well as individual partner work.
    I hope you do decide to do the May course. I love the format of daily work.

    Person interested in May 2020 Swifter: Hi Class member 1. What is your best guess estimate of the time you spent each day on the course outside of the daily call time?

    Class member 2: Hi, as Katie says, “get what you came for”…its a personal journey and time commitment. I would say shortest time for me on any day would have been 2 hours minimum between personal glimpses, daily actions and meeting with partners. Truth is, we grow into it as a practice, just like The Work. The daily support of the group and partners is amazing. So blessed to have had the time to do more than mind wanted me to.💖

    Class member 3:
    I am so grateful for participating and the gifts of the class.
    Class member 4: Me too!
    Class member 5: I felt the investment was well worth the time and effort. This program took me to places I’d never have imagined possible. If you feel the call, 30 days may give you the best gift you could give yourself.

    Class member 6: Just amazing.

    Class member 7: This is an opportunity to become new and to see everyone else in the class do the same thing. I can’t put a price in terms of time or money on having so much peace and joy.

    Person going to May 2020 Swifter: So great to hear from you both! I’ve registered for the May course and am really looking forward to it. I would have been in there with you all in February but I was out of the country for a third of the time. Who else is doing May???

  4. E.S.

    My takeaway from the course is the giving up negativity, and my freedom to do that. It’s huge. And it’s a very small word to describe it. And also, giving up negativity as the foundational giving that’s something big and the giving that was big also. And what helped me give to others was the letter to myself. And through the letter to myself I could experience giving to myself first what I would then give to the others, like the words.

    I could experience how nourishing they were for me, and then I felt joy to give them to others, knowing how helpful they were to me first. And I definitely don’t want to give up the letter to myself workout, because I can’t stop, I feel I am starving for this, the kindness and the love. And being able to give that to me, and really receive it, it’s been huge.

  5. K. W.

    I felt like this course was really both learning a lot but also really consolidating, just so many of the teachings over time, and going, “I’ve learnt a lot of these things, and now it’s really time to make a practice of them.” It’s like enough of the theoretical, and really go in and do it. And I just loved the constant, the multiple reminders every day, that was just really, really helpful because I think there’s a story, too.

    But I think that my mind… with a weekly course or something like that, or a retreat here and there, my mind wiggles out of all those learnings and teachings because it has to be habitual, it has to be daily, it has to be ingrained almost in every moment. And for that, I just need a lot, a lot of reminders. And then, also really to notice I just love feeling so open-hearted about all you guys. When I think of each of you, my heart is just so open and that’s such a nice feeling.

    And that’s for me, and I feel really fortunate to be in this group where people are so open and kind, I just feel really lucky to be here.

  6. S.T.

    I’m really, really grateful for just about everything here. Inbreathe, the innocence, the unbrace. My overtures to truthfulness with my partner, which I think just opened the door for his truthfulness.

  7. V.M.

    All of these practices for me have been amazing and the letter too, I’ve still got letters to keep opening, so that’s a real treat for me.

    When I just need one or I want one, I just open randomly, and they just keep having the message I need to hear. So, that’s been really gorgeous and just feeling the flow and the glow of the giving, when I am able to give something, those little cards or those little things, and just the change in my state when I get to do something intentional like that. It just jumps me straight out of that small self and into just connection.
    All these new things that have opened up to actually do. I’ve actually got a whole new direction to take and that sense of purifying action, just taking it and daring into the places that are scary, have been scary. So, that’s my takeaways, thank you very much. Thank you so much, and everyone, amazing.

  8. C.M

    What I’m taking away is the courage to be intimate with my feelings. They’re positive or negative. And intensity of it. The understanding of importance of discipline and commitment of what I really want and stay with it. And a different sense of the family. Family is I may not like all of you, I may not love all of you, I may love you, I may like you. And the honesty of it at the moment.
    It’s family. Yes, and then everything changed in the moment, and for me the courage to be with it, and find myself in those moments. Myself meaning the I, the space.
    And the most grateful I am to you to give us such a clear direction and tools to reach this place where I don’t have excuse now to not do it.
    The poor me, the successful me, the bullshit me. It’s just the happy me or not. Just wants to reach the space. So, with my deep gratitude to all of you and to you, Elizabeth, for letting me attend this course. Thank you.

  9. L.D.

    I feel like I’ve been given a recipe for the rest of my life. So, I feel incredibly grateful and really feeling so much more love for myself, which has a ripple effect in everything I do. I just notice how I’m talking to myself quite a lot [laughs] in such a loving way. And it’s just so lovely to be doing that.
    And I love the daily giving. And how the giving, how it always comes round full circle and how beautiful I’ve just seen it so clearly how it’s working.

    And how my mindset has changed around everything. It’s like “where can I give? How can I be of service?” Which is very opening. So, yes, thank you for everything. So glad to have been part of this with everybody.

  10. A. R.

    Thank you, there’s just so many it seems to takeaway from this course. So, some of them are how wonderful it was for the support of everybody. But also, to see that the thoughts and emotions are not personal, that we all have them. So, that really helped with an opening with my family and other people I was interacting with, too. The morning connect was amazing because I would feel the resistance, notice the resistance and then just the lightness and the freedom which seems to be on the other side of that to feel that gratitude.
    And that all helped with the innocence, the innocence of seeing we’re all innocent. Writing the notes to my photographs as a child and seeing all of our childhood photos on Facebook was just precious. And it really opened up that innocence with my husband, so I’m so grateful for that, so I’m going to take that forward with me, because the “Be still before you act or speak” is very powerful.

    And with my children, not seeing them as children, meet them where they are, the innocence of them. It’s just beautiful. And I just want to live in the truth, to be able to feel that I can say what I want to say when I want to say it and be still and quiet before I say it. So, that’s been a wonderful takeaway. And thank you, Elizabeth, for being right what every single one of us needed, you were just right with us the whole way. And I really, really do say thank you. Just amazing.

  11. J. Y.

    I’d heard that before–that we are all the light of Being, but had not really— I conceptualized it, but I didn’t really get it. Now I do, it’s like I’m just picturing this amazing light we’re all Being. We’re not creating, it’s being created from us. One of the really big takeaways is realizing that this giving is a moment by moment. It’s not a “one and done.” Or three and done. That it’s just that life is moment by moment. It’s not somewhere in the future. It’s here, now. And the last couple of nights I really experienced, really realized that it is possible to drop a story just like that immediately—that there is that freedom.

    And that’s part of that moment by moment, and there’s such a relief of not having to have that calculating mind in charge, to not have to know, or to hear it out.

    And there’s so much more lightness with this. I don’t need words anymore. Just immense gratitude and everybody here, when you said that we could be re-imprinted, I realized you’re not the family I was supposedly was born with, but the family I would have chosen, if there was me choosing it.

  12. W. B.

    The living turnarounds are just, I hadn’t really gotten the hang of living turnarounds before this class, so I think it’s just a constant checking in and where are we and the testing. It’s really good. It’s powerful. It’s a lot of fun.

  13. S.B.

    One of my takeaways is how powerful 30 days can be. Intellectually I’ve heard many times, “You can change in 30 days.” But now, I’ve experienced it, it’s experiential now. And it’s like we were all at one stage or another a caterpillar 30 days ago. And now, we’re butterflies, spreading our wings and soaring above with an entirely different perspective.

    And maybe we’ll dip down closer to the ground, and yet I feel none of us will ever return to being caterpillars, it’s just not possible. And how transformative this process, and how supportive everybody is, just all the examples of change. Everybody opening up, blooming, flowering, is just really inspiring. And Elizabeth, you’re just so marvelous and what an example you set in being generous and open and caring and compassionate and gentle. I am so grateful to you and to everybody, thank you.
    You know, it feels too like it doesn’t just end here at the 30 days, one of the reasons I thought I was going to dread this day of the last day. And I realized this is just the beginning.

    It doesn’t end here I don’t feel like anything is really ending.
    This may be the end of the beginning, but there’s much more ahead.

  14. E.P.

    I think the takeaway that seems the most profound is the power of the 30-days and the habit that can happen in the 30 days. And having the task that I had it filled my day with my intentions. And I’d never realized the power of that, when I fill my day with those kinds of intentions, I have results. And what will happen if I pull in more and more habits with those kinds of intentions and the result of that.

    So, I just am looking forward to sitting with a peacefulness when I’m deciding what kind of habits to implement so that they’re not in the name of getting better or improving, but it’s really out of relaxation and peace. So, thank you for that.

    It was beautiful, my biggest breakthrough was when I was probably three weeks into it, I started to feel like this is too much, because I made sure that I did all of the tasks every day. And it’s when I worked with a classmate and I released that block of this is too much and I turned a corner. And so, during the process, when I was releasing it, I actually pictured these different times when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore.

    It was just too much, where I felt a transformation, and I just realized it’s like that caterpillar going into the butterfly. I just have to let that transformation take place and not worry about what’s too much. It’s just so beautiful, my life, it’s just beautiful. Anyway. Thank you, everyone.

  15. J.R.

    Thank you Elizabeth for May Swifter. What an amazing time I had with you and all our dear friends.
    I hesitated to come back to the Swifters course again, thinking I had the technique now and I would be going over what I had already learned, but this was furthest from the truth. In fact, I was able to build on what I had learnt in February during Swifters 1 and it then enabled me to feel safe to tackle frightening thoughts I was still entertaining.
    My intention was to stop being at war with the physical world, to see beauty in my body and my home and to care for both.

    I feel excited I have unblocked the resistance and have begun to see the light and my choice to see it.

    I sincerely appreciate you in my life Elizabeth. I so value everything you have done in your own work to be able to hold this space for me and us all.

  16. M. P.

    I’m sitting outside in perfect stillness, surrounded by abundance.
    From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.
    Your guidance was profound.

  17. C.V.

    I don’t confuse people with “avoiding my feelings”, I’m so much more aware of the subtleties of feeling OFF, ie in the lower energies, I’m so grateful for all of you and this practice, combined with the traditional the work is very effective, I’m so much freer to speak my truth, I feel lighter and take life less seriously, i have more compassion for others behavior (they’re just trying to avoid feeling something and HAL is in charge)

  18. L.K.

    I wrote this today, many days after the ‘course’ has ‘ended’, as a glimpse, but it feels very much the take away from the last 30 days so I’m sharing here:
    I remember that it is freedom to choose which opens up any situation from a place of tension into a space of relaxation. And from that space of relaxation, tensions subside naturally – energy moves – and awareness simply is. This is where wisdom and love and blessings live. This is where being alive is expressed – creativity, magic, smiling all are at play there. The ease of this space of love is accessible all the time – this is the field and it is never lost – it can be returned to at any moment. It is a choice to start with openness instead of tension – always. From there all-knowing is. it’s that simple. I look forward to exploring and living in this place of relaxation, love, and knowing from now onward.

  19. E.H.

    So many takeaways. I am so grateful for the course and all who participated. Takeaways.. “this energy is auditioning for my attention”. I have the freedom to choose where I place my attention. I can take my seat as the ruling intelligence or I can choose to ground the plane. I have learned there is freedom in allowing the energy to have its life.

  20. K.N

    Today’s root canal through a cap on an infected tooth in an infected jaw was absolutely wonderful. I took Elizabeth’s tool kit into the dental surgery today. I was relaxed. I did my inbreathe, unbrace and unthink. During the only almost 4 hour surgery with only a shot of novocaine, I was able to be grateful and joyful and happy and easily handle the procedure.

    My thoughts remained entirely positive throughout this experience. Even when it came to paying the bill!!!. I didn’t know I had the talent to ” love what is” including a root canal!!!!

    I am so very grateful for my new emotional intelligence and all my coaches and partners and especially Elizabeth’s guidance and care.

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