EIQ Graduate Support Call April 20 2019

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Support Call Details:

The Support Calls begin with breath awareness and a guided contemplation. Then there is time for questions, to share your insights and shifts or to ask for assistance. To participate, you need a computer with a built-in speaker and microphone (or an external headset) and Internet access.

Support call recordings are available for purchase here.

To optimize your experience, if you’re using wifi, please close all other browsers and most of the other devices using the signal.

Schedule: Saturday April 20, 2019   7:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.  Pacific Time

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1 review for EIQ Graduate Support Call April 20 2019

  1. H.C.

    I have taken Elizabeth’s course last year (Sept/Oct) and feel there is a shift happening: I seem to experience more emotions (disturbed energies) or perhaps, now I allow them to come and to feel them fully. And as a result, they just come and I have no control over it, may be not even a choice anymore. It cost me so much energy to suppress them and keep my defense mechanisms alive. I also realized I have been using worksheets to prevent feeling: if I’d get down my thoughts asap I would relieve myself of my suffering. Now I really slow down with worksheets and just get to experience these energies first (straight away to question 3) and then I question my thoughts. What struck me, is the calmness and grounding feeling after I let them have their life and feel the space in me. And also, the kindness in letting them be there, breathing, not needing to fix anything. To then write my JYN feels more focused, not motive driven. There is now more an intention of not-doing when it happens. I feel my inner system is getting a big cleanse by releasing all these energies. Thank you – insights are still coming and all is unfolding naturally. –H.C.

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