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The Work and EIQ Level 1

Next Teleclass begins Sunday, August 4, 2019

Tuition: $1297, includes 6 Teleclass online Zoom meetings, 3 private sessions with Elizabeth, Facebook private group page, the 150-page Manual for The Work and EIQ, the Comprehensive (newly revised) EIQ Toolkit, inspirations (movie clips, poetry, quotes) and 3 Saturday Support Calls during the duration of the Teleclass.

Upon successful completion, all Graduates are invited to join the EIQ Graduate Support Community on Facebook. Membership is free.

“I had the thought ‘This [feeling] is going to kill me,’ and I heard, ‘Is it true?’ and noticed who I would be without the story and I took the ride, and what comes back every time is more powerful than the last. And what comes back is…. You know, I just invite you to die into love.” ~Byron Katie

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The Work and EIQ

6 Sundays,  10 a.m. —  11:30 a.m.  PT / August 4–September 8, 2019

Tuition: $1297, includes 6 Teleclass online Zoom meetings, 3 private sessions with Elizabeth, Facebook private group page, the EIQ Toolkit, inspirations (movie clips, poetry, quotes) and 3 Saturday Support Calls during the duration of the Teleclass.


Finding one’s inner wisdom is the essence of The Work. For this, we have to learn how to be the Quietness—what Byron Katie calls, “The Presence that’s always with you.” What is EIQ?  EI (emotional intelligence) + IQ (Identify and Question) = EIQ.

The Work reveals the truth of who and what you are, as fast as you are willing and able to: “Thoughts appear, feelings arise. But what am I?” Perhaps the most significant thing that can happen to you is to discover that you are already the Presence of Being; the one who witnesses thoughts and feelings, and also remains ever undisturbed. Just the physical sky is the presence in which all the weather occurs but remains unchanged and undisturbed by passing weather, your Being is also un-disturbable. Inquiry awakens your capacity to believe your thoughts are your identity, or not.

You have the same freedom of choice regarding emotions. These are also inner weather, just like thoughts.  These, too, cannot compel you to involve with them or react mechanically. You only learned to do so in the formative years, because of a “glitch” in the brain that favored the fight-flight-freeze response.  By identifying the “early decision” you made before you had a rational brain, you expose the emotional imprint. By welcoming it into consciousness as raw energy, you allow the brain to rewire. The disturbed energy resolves, and a new decision is possible. Central to this work is TERA (The Emotional Resolve Approach).

As you identify, question and allow chronic negative emotions to resolve,  you’ll identify and question the thoughts which block emotional resolving. Once these thoughts are questioned, you can more easily be the conscious space. Disturbed emotions, then, become the fuel to grow into presence.

EIQ is a way to grow into Presence, by willingly and consciously “taking the ride,” of letting feelings have their life.

Gradually, as you learn how to “take the ride,” you’ll dissolve the tendency to judge “out there,” as an attempt to control the emotional experience “in here.” Thus, chronic judgments and resentments vanish.

This is why emotional storms are worthy adversaries. They are a sure-fire way to awaken the sleeping giant of awareness within.



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  1. J.H.

    The day after our class, when I was facilitated on terror, I found a huge peaceful opening come to me. It was amazing! I experienced 5 minutes of fearlessness with people, as I sat in the supermarket. I felt safe with every stranger who passed me. Like I was in a worldwide family of strangers and I could feel that, at any random place. I put it down to letting go of terror through the exercise Elizabeth took me through. I was alive and open more than I can ever remember being in my life. I am so grateful. Thank you, Elizabeth, and to you all for sitting in this with me. –J.H

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