Private Coaching

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How Private Coaching Sessions Can Help You

One-on-one inquiry has helped many people just like you find freedom from suffering in these areas:

Emotional pain Self-judgments Health and body issues
Fear and Anxiety Obsession Money and work issues
Depression Relationship conflicts Spiritual challenges
Addiction Grief Many other issues
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If you are new to Conscious Coaching with Elizabeth:

First, identify the issue or challenge you want help with.

Choose from the scheduling options below  (30-minute or 1 hour), and book your initial session.

After you book your session, we’ll meet at the scheduled time. Sessions are by Skype, Zoom, phone or in person by pre-arrangement if you live in the Bay area, California.  Skype and Zoom sessions are video-optional.

I’ve worked with people who find the clarity they need to handle their challenge in just a few sessions. More often, it takes ongoing inner work to resolve persistent issues and challenges. I am here to support you whatever your needs are.

“The reason the Whole Truth can be found within you is because you
are both the specific and a complete expression of the Whole Truth.” —Vernon Howard

Additional information

Single Sessions and Packages

½ Hour Session (1) $97, ½ Hour Session (3) $247, 1 Hour Session (1) $175, 1 Hour Session (3) $457, 1 Hour Premium Hours Session (1) $275

2 reviews for Private Coaching

  1. M.C.

    I realized that collection of sensations was mislabeled (society’s label) as defensiveness.. It gave me great relief to let it flow past me and feel the sensations without the story…..I could just love the person I had previously felt the need to be “defensive” with and accept them as loving their story MORE than the truth and that was okay. I now feel compassion and love…..HUGE release for me…. thank you… –M.C.

  2. Y.D.

    I feel completely different after that last session. And the beautiful train (of thought?) analogy? It’s just stayed with me and grown. I’ve had opportunity to share it with a few people too and they’ve also said how much it helped. Thank you for your beautiful clear channel. I feel blessed. –Y.D.

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