Swifter EIQ Support Call September 26 2020

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Support Call Details:

Time: 9 a.m. PT / Noon ET (for 1.5 hours)

We begin with a guided contemplation. Guidance with the Swifter Worksheet and TERA (The Emotional Release Approach) for anyone who attends. Please feel free to ask clarifying questions, and to share your insights, gains and gratitude!  Access via the internet or mobile phone.

These meetings began as a way to support Graduates of The Work and EIQ courses. They are now open to everyone with an interest in freedom from being controlled by subconscious emotional programming, the many forms of negativity that are destructive to life and happiness.

Support call recording is included with this product purchase.

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1 review for Swifter EIQ Support Call September 26 2020

  1. V.R.

    I get so much out of the Support Calls. I was especially touched by the Call that happened on Christmas Eve, where you facilitated a beautiful lady around the belief: “Mom and dad shouldn’t come next year” and the addiction to negativity that was revealed. I thank God for this precious lady sharing her thoughts and feelings so openly and I thank God for you for supporting her in such a gentle, clear and intelligent way. I kept pausing and listening again and again to every step of the inquiry because I felt, exactly as you said, that my life depended on it and i didn’t want to miss a single word. Thank you.

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