August 2021 SFQ (Advanced), Intention Setting

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Webinar Details:

Follow-up Course for the July 2021 Intentions-Setting Course

August: 4 weeks, 2 meetings per week, 8 total sessions.


Pre-requisite: complete reading the book “Imagination Creates Reality” by Neville Goddard

August 4-Week Schedule:

Week 1: August 1, Sunday 4 p.m. PT / August 2, Monday 11 a.m. PT

Week 2: August 8, Sunday 4 p.m. PT / August 9, Monday 11 a.m. PT

Week 3: August 15, Sunday 4 p.m. PT / August 16, Monday 11 a.m. PT

Week 4: August 22, Sunday 4 p.m. PT / August 23, Monday 11 a.m. PT

Tuition:  $397, includes the following:

      • Streamable video and audio for each session;
      • Membership on a private FB page;
      • Receive support via  a 24-hour member support line, Swifter 911, via Facebook Messenger;
      • One-on-one assistance from Elizabeth during the sessions;
      • Complete Swifter Four Questions online syllabus.

All class meetings are recorded and the videos and audios are streamable for 30 days access after the date of each meeting.

Looking forward to being with you in love and joy for the August follow-up to the July  Intentions Course!







“Be conscious of being, that which you want to appear.”

This Four-Day Webinar is the practical and advanced application of the Swifter Four Questions, with a focus on intention setting.

Please purchase and read, “Imagination Creates Reality” by Neville Goddard. We will use this booklet of short essays for this course. Please read it, and bring your questions.

In  our meetings, we will explore how to work with the nay-sayer regarding intention-setting: the mechanical mind activity of measure, compare and analyze; the calculating default mode of “person.” You will discover the practical application–the  Swifter Four Questions–for how to break the spell of default mode by consistent and joyful Revise and Release. We don’t struggle with the default mode–self-protection, hesitation, and reservation. We simply recognize these as movements of mind and emotion–and let them move, as the trespassers they are. We do not allow them to occupy our pure awareness. We use the arising of nay-saying as a cue–to awaken from the spell of identification with a limited personal self.

“Learn to be grateful for the desires you have been given. They already exist and are ready for embodiment in your world. You are not called upon to do anything to aid their realization except to free your mind of any doubt as to how they will come about and completely accept them as you would a gift for a loved one.”(From Imagination Creates Reality)



6 reviews for August 2021 SFQ (Advanced), Intention Setting

  1. Karen King (verified owner)

    This course gives delightful and powerful access to experiencing and realizing the things we all want in life. Personally, there are many things I know to do, and have had success with in life, but it often didn’t bring me the happiness I wanted. Elizabeth has simplified a way to quickly clear the path to and use our natural power to live our dreams. I highly recommend this work.

  2. Heather Smith (verified owner)

    The profoundness that I feel when I leave Elizabeth’s weekends is truly amazing. Her care and lightheartedness in her teaching allows fun and deep connection in learning. I had experienced some important changes for myself in the previous Intention segment. This Intention segment is allowing me to experience the limitless possibilities that await me. So grateful to be a part of this.

  3. Brian Bellardo

    Five Stars!! Elizabeth’s recent four-day Swifter Intentions webinar is her most transformative program ever! She is tireless in her pursuit of the clearest and most impactful way to inspire us to remember who we really are: Goodness, Light and Love. She has so much insight into the cause of suffering and how to access peace. Her kindness, calm and Presence are a model for all. She has a knack for holding a space where we feel totally safe and trust in the connection, community, and support of all sharing that experience. It is amazing to feel the difference a few days can make!

  4. sylassens (verified owner)

    During this Webinar, light was shed on the imprints that would cause me to not move forward with the Intention Setting process and just give up. I felt gently but powerfully supported by Elizabeth and all the participants, in applying the process in my day to day life, and opening to receiving the results that appear without fail. I experienced the guidance of Elizabeth as profound and clear. The intention setting process is a wonderful tool to effortlessly allow more joy into my life. How grateful I am for this event!

  5. marisahandler (verified owner)

    Elizabeth is a masterful teacher, and she meets each of us exactly where we are, guiding us expertly toward insight and liberation. I’m so grateful to have found her. Her work has helped me move into joy and a profound sense of limitlessness. Get ready to laugh, exult, and feel free!

  6. patriciamaass50 (verified owner)

    This powerful webinar and specific, practical protocols introduced allowed me to see and release barriers to identifying with the who I truly am. There is a hopefulness and lightness and feeling of being supported not only by Elizabeth but also by the other participants. There is also ongoing support available to allow the flowering of this new identification. I can’t recommend this class more highly!

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