August Swifter Intelligence 30-Day Course


“Turn away from the problem and access the solution.”  EL

NEXT COURSE BEGINS  Sunday, August 1 (through Monday, August 30), 2021

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The Swifter program works to change our habitual involvement with negativity that keeps us feeling stressed and unhappy. We have been conditioned to invest and identify with negativity, as taught to us in our families, communities, and our culture.  It is our addictive involvement with defeating thinking patterns that are the cause of unhappiness—not the out-pictured circumstances! Outer circumstances merely paint the picture that accords precisely–with whatever inner mental activity is (unwittingly) indulged and honored.

The Swifter Intelligence method offers a light, by which we identify defeating mental activity, and gives a clear and precise way to cut the cord of interest and involvement with such thinking. Making this choice restores our innate and unlimited happiness: access and unbreakable connection with the ever-happy and creative superhuman Self.

      • Research shows that one needs between 21-28 days to break a habit.
      • Therefore, for 30 days in a row, we’ll meet daily to break the habit of addictive involvement with negative suggestions of the mind.
      • We will discover the most effective means–to cut through thinking and reset chronic emotional reactivity, engendered by such activity.
      • Instead of focusing on “the problems” offered by conditioned, limited thinking, (let’s say, the idea that there is a monster under your bed), we turn instead to the solution: look under the bed! LOOK!
      • We will learn precisely how to look!—Self-resting-release, and learn to facilitate this life-changing method for others.
      • We will support each other to actually look under the bed regarding chronic negative feelings such as apathy, guilt, shame; fear, anger, and pride—and allow them to release.
      • We follow the release of negativity with daily tangible giving—giving to others.
      • We will learn other daily practices that establish ever-increasing lightness of being, making small course corrections throughout the day to stay elevated in our newly-found spiritual power.
      • We support each other, giving and/or receiving facilitation via a 24-hour 911 emergency hotline, staffed by elite Swifter grads, to stop the involvement with negativity once it starts.
      • Daily meetings are recorded (both audio and video) in case you miss one, or if you would like to revisit a topic.
      • Daily partner check-ins
      • Group Facebook page provides space for sharing and encouragement.

Give yourself the gift of radical stress-reduction, freedom from lack, limitation and negativity through the steps of Swifter—Self-resting-release!

“The Swifter program is like nothing else I have ever done. It is like being on intense retreat, but in my home environment, so that I work with the stressors in my life, as they happen. Never has my negativity been so challenged. Never have I felt so supported. I felt a sense of ‘peace that surpasses understanding’ that I had only ever read about.”  V.M.

Dates:  Sunday, August 1–Monday, August 30th, 2021

Time: 8:00 a.m. PT daily online attendance, 1.5 hours

Tuition:  $1497, includes the following:

      • [Optional] Assigned partner for daily check-ins, new partner every 6 days;
      • 30 streamable videos, 30 downloadable audios;
      • Daily after-meeting email for maximum support between daily meetings;
      • Access to a 24-hour member support line, Swifter 911 via Facebook Messenger;
      • One on one assistance from Elizabeth during the daily meetings;
      • Complete Course syllabus.

All class meetings recorded, audio and video recordings are available for streaming for 30 days access after each meeting. Membership in a private FB group.

Looking forward to being with you in love and joy in the month of August, 2021!


Pay a deposit of $397.00 per item


“Turn away from the problem and access the solution.”  EL

The Open Door: Invite Your Superhuman Self

Happiness: the prize of human life. To win the prize or the treasure, we are much aided if we have a treasure map! Wouldn’t you agree?

The Swifter Intelligence method is that treasure map, awaiting anyone who recognizes that true intelligence is the ability to be happy, even though most of us have been conditioned to believe happiness is the ability to solve problems: Solve problems “out there,” so you can get rid of an unhappy mood/feeling state “in here.” That’s endless!

What if it’s possible to solve unhappiness where it really is–to release identification and involvement with inner feeling states?

It begins by discovering your innate freedom to choose where you bestow your all-powerful attention, your Consciousness. Next is growing the capacity to release negative feelings that motivate all negative and problem-making thoughts. The result is the swift and steady inflow of peace, increasing well-being, and the doorway to an entirely new life! A life of connection, upliftment, enthusiasm, and unbreakable happiness becomes yours as you exercise your freedom to turn inward, towards the solution.

Simple, simple so sweetly simple! Recognize a negative belief demanding your attention; cut through thinking and go directly to the negative feeling or energy;  investigate the truth of the EIQ (energy-in-question); allow your attention to access, join and rest with your Self–serene, alive stillness–as the energy is absorbed.

You’ll learn how to uncover the lie and reveal the truth of any negative feeling, step by step with the main process in Swifter Intelligence: TERA, the Emotional Release Approach.

The lie: This negative energy-in-question is a threat, is unbearable, is an enemy.

The lie: This negative energy-in-question is a command to shut down, react, withdraw, attack, or judge.

The lie: negative energy-in-question is who I am, it defines me.

The Truth: When the energy-in-question is welcomed and allowed to run its course with zero involvement, zero judgment, it releases effortlessly. Thus, negative emotional energies prove to be neither a threat nor a command; not my real Self; not a viewpoint for an imagined person.  Therefore, It is I alone that has the power to sustain unhappiness, by imagining to be limited by thoughts and feelings, OR to resolve this false imagination inwardly. It is my freedom to do so as swiftly as I choose.

Releasing negative feelings is the swiftest way to achieve a quiet mind. Quietness is a magnet; Let your true Self come forth! Stand at the threshold of a new life. Freedom from former limitations imposed by the mind comes by answering the question, whenever there is triggered negativity, “What am I? The negative reaction or the freedom to choose–to go along with it, or not?”

By answering this question in truth, based on your actual experience, you invite your real identity to reveal and Shine: Infinite-Eternal-Love-Light-Aliveness.


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