The Work and EIQ Level 1 Live Workshop


The Work and EIQ Level 1–Joyful Alchemy!

3-Day Live Workshop, November 7th – 10th, 2019 Santa Cruz, CA


$1297. 50% Discount for Immersion 2019 Graduates. Space is limited to 20 participants.

$97 non-refundable deposit to hold your space. Balance due by October 24th, 2019.


Pay a deposit of $97.00 per item


The Work and EIQ Level 1: Joyful Alchemy

The Child Within You LIVES! Come Alive: Offer Negative Emotions to the Space!

3-Day Live Workshop, November 7th – 10th, 2019 Santa Cruz, CA


Full Description of The Work and EIQ Here:







This life-changing workshop will be held at a private home in Aptos, CA (near Santa Cruz).  Walk to a beautiful uncrowded beach .7 miles from the home. Affordable motels (or resort accommodations) are nearby.
Prior to registration for this workshop, you can join the Facebook for this event [The Work and EIQ 3-Day Workshop and 4-Day Immersion Retreat November 2019] where you can connect with others who are attending. [Note: When registration is finalized, the Facebook page will be changed to “Secret” and only registered attendees will be members.]
Access to the FB page will help you coordinate travel plans, such as airport shuttle, shared accommodations and mutual support as needed. 
All workshop materials: JYN Worksheets, Loving What Is (Little Books), the EIQ Toolkit, Manual for The Work and EIQ; Coffee, tea and healthful refreshments served all day long.
All class sessions will be recorded and you will receive downloadable audio files after the Workshop.

—1 private individual online session with Elizabeth (either before the workshop or after), $175 value;

—Free Membership in The Work & EIQ Facebook Community with the opportunity to attend 4X month online Support Calls.

—Upon completion of Level 1, you are eligible to attend the 4-day EIQ Immersion retreat immediately following the Level 1 Workshop; as well, you are invited to register for the online 9-month EIQ Immersion Program in 2020! A rare opportunity to connect and immerse with like-minded friends who seek the knowing of Being above all else.

—$500 coupon applicable for EIQ Immersion 2020.


November 7th (Thursday), 6 p.m.–9 p.m. introduction.

November 8th & 9th (Friday-Saturday):

—7 a.m.–9 a.m. Morning group activity [optional] Laughter Yoga, Yoga for Emotional Liberation, Energized Turnarounds, singing dancing;

—10 a.m. –12:30 p.m. Morning class session;

—2:30–5:30 p.m. Afternoon class session.

November 10th (Sunday):

—7 a.m.–9 a.m. group activity [optional] Laughter Yoga, Energized Turnarounds, singing dancing;

—10 a.m. –12:30 p.m. Morning class session and closing.

During the evening you are welcome to stay and enjoy a transformational movie! (Friday and Saturday.) Movie selections are relevant to our coursework.

Upon successful completion, all Graduates are invited to join the EIQ Graduate Support Community on Facebook. Membership is free! Wonderful opportunity to connect with a growing community of those seeking embodied awakening into Being!


$1297, $97 non-refundable deposit to hold your space, balance due October 24th, 2019.

50% Discount for Immersion 2019 Graduates.  Space is limited to 20 participants.



The nearest airport is San Jose International (SJC).


Comments from recent  Level 1 EIQ Teleclass Graduates:

“Best Course I’ve Ever Taken in the Institute for The Work”

Thank you for a great course.  I loved the homework, it was so helpful.  The exercises really speak to me deeply.  In fact, the whole course was very helpful to me, I think it’s the best course I’ve ever taken in ITW, for sure.  Looking forward to Level 2.” —N.K.


“Alive and More Open Than Ever in My Life”

The day after our class, when I was facilitated on terror, I found a huge peaceful opening come to me. It was amazing! I experienced 5 minutes of fearlessness with people, as I sat in the supermarket. I felt safe with every stranger who passed me. Like I was in a worldwide family of strangers and I could feel that, at any random place. I put it down to letting go of terror through the exercise Elizabeth took me through. I was alive and open more than I can ever remember being in my life. I am so grateful. Thank you, Elizabeth, and to you all for sitting in this with me. –J.H


“Incredibly Deep with My Client”
I have facilitated a client twice this week who I usually do The Work with, using Inner Body Awareness exercise, Tail End and Deep Dive. It was incredible how deep we got, in what I think was half the time it would usually take to do The Work. I sat with my heart in my mouth as I walked her through the process. I was astounded I haven’t known about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and preparing our client so efficiently. I had the thought, before doing our immersion class, that I could offer a meditation at the beginning of a session, like Katie does at School, and I still could, and I could choose our exercise that does the same thing…or maybe more that I haven’t tested myself. Exciting…. –E.S.


“Rumi Quote Makes Sense Now”

Thank you, Elizabeth! Loved the class. The Rumi saying “The cure for the pain is in the pain,” makes a lot of sense now….  H.B.


“A Jewel”

This class and this teaching is like a jewel, that I never could have imagined existed! P.V.


“Emotion Realized as Fuel Source for Worksheets”

The tail-end part, the deep-dive and TERA revealed to me what might be the source for the (more than) hundred worksheets that I had written about those situations with my mother.  I realized that the emotional (beyond the initial thought) felt like the fuel source allowing for the myriad of forms that my worksheets could take.  L.R.

“Innocence Seen”

 Thank you for another brilliant class! I did the exercise this evening and it was a very powerful experience. I found and allowed the feelings to have their life and also saw all the limitations I innocently took on from the “moment of impact.” So grateful to be on this journey with all of you, and to have you as a teacher, Elizabeth.  D.T.


“A Game Changer”

 My anger masks my shame. I am not angry for the loss of acceptance or approval, I have shame because of that loss and it is easier to be angry than to feel the shame. I have come to realize when I don’t feel good enough when I feel helpless or hopeless, I use anger to shield me from experiencing the pain of that emotion/energy. Rather sit with the energy and just be, I gear up with anger, which protects me (and keeps me from) feeling and dealing with what I am really experiencing. Through TERA, I was able to question this and work through this to see what I have been doing. It has opened up a huge new realization of how to be. I can now sit with the shame and work through it. Before the exercise I felt weighted down by the burden of these feelings. By the end of the process, I realized I was sitting up straighter, feeling more open, breathing better. This has been a blessing and a game changer for me. Thank you, Elizabeth.   L.S.


Allowing Shame-Energy Brings Light

 I had the insight that once shame is allowed to be what it is- only a disturbed energy- and see the light, afterward comes the freedom to be who we really are in whatever form that takes-dancing at that moment for me! Thank you! thank me.  J.K,


“Heart Opened with TERA”

Dis-covering and feeling the loss that was underneath the anger helped to see her/myself on a much deeper level. Through TERA my heart began to open again – and the harshness I had perceived from P. turned into compassion, then re-connection. The before harsh sound of her ‘slamming’ the gate in front of me, turned into the sound of a Zen bell inviting me to wake up – respecting mySelf, free from entanglement. Thank you!  C.O.


“At Peace in a New Way”

 I had no idea that this shame was living inside me until I identified the feeling/energy, put an age on it and remembered the experience. The minute I did that, I was back in it, with a full emotional response that was incredibly powerful to feel. As I went through the exercise and began to let go and just observe, the energy became just that: energy. Nothing more. I am at peace in a way that I haven’t felt before. Beautiful experience. Thank you, Elizabeth.   Z.K,


“Huge Release”

I realized that the collection of sensations was mislabeled (society’s label) as defensiveness. It gave me great relief to let it flow past me and feel the sensations without the story…..I could just love the person I had previously felt the need to be “defensive” with and accept them as loving their story MORE than the truth and that was okay. I now feel compassion and love…..HUGE release for me…. thank you…


“I Feel Blessed”

 I feel completely different after that last session And the beautiful train (of thought?) analogy? It’s just stayed with me and grown. I’ve had the opportunity to share it with a few people too and they’ve also said how much it helped. Thank you for your beautiful clear channel. I feel blessed.   Y.D.

“Grateful for ‘The Emissary Principle’ “

During my work with my partner (thank you so much!!!) the idea of being an emissary for these energies came up, and it was such a sweet thought. An emissary! One that receives these energies and then allows them to go back to where they came from, or helps them to the story-less space instead of entrapping them within our thoughts and bodies. Freedom for me and freedom for the energies. I noticed too, that my upcoming day which I had not been looking forward to, now was viewed with anticipation after doing the Homework for this week. Very Grateful!    M.B.

“Life Changing Exercise”

I have been carrying this energy of threat with me for 8+ years. I have avoided seeing these people because of this energy and belief that this energy created for me. It will be interesting to experience people with this energy no longer living in or with me. It was a very powerful exercise for me- to see this energy and how strong and big it was for me when I began the exercise and then to see it diminish in strength as I zoomed in and out of being with it and then story-free, was liberating. I am seeing how I can bring peace to any situation and give peace as well. Not easy to do at times, but nonetheless, by sticking with it I see how free I can become. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for this gift. Life changing!  N.H.

“Many Takeaways”

Dear friends, I was driving to work and couldn’t share at the end of our Class on Sunday. Here just a few of my many takeaways:

Remember to breathe and keep some of your attention in the field of Awareness…


I can choose to lay it down – any moment – like right now…

Being the Space

Thank You again, Elizabeth for this amazing course!! For your generosity, for the great private sessions, the extra support calls, the great movie clips, your writings! Your Love! And Thank you All! Enjoyed being with you!  W.M.

“Lesson Six is a Wonder”

This lesson is brilliantly conceived and written… just a wonder. Thank you!   T.S.

“Lesson Six Has Captured the Essence”

I totally agree with T.S. Lesson 6 is brilliantly conceived and written. I just read it once more this morning, slowly as a meditation. I’m not surprised that many that have studied the Bhagavad-Gita have connected with a deeper meaning of it after seeing this film. [Legend of Bagger Vance] What Elizabeth, with this lesson #6, has captured, exposed and offered, is the essence of everything that is already inside us to free us… both the perceived problem and its antidote inherently already there… both so close to each other that we got involved in one while being the field of it…

This entire course made me revisit other profound texts and teachings that are revealing themselves in the light of TERA, breathing, and choosing… Letting myself be “available for that shot to choose me…. is about choosing awareness and “the field” instead of messing with something deserving to have its own life… Thank you.  E.P.

“Collapsing Sensations”

I wanted to share a couple of interesting observations about the last assignment. It was really powerful really connecting with the punishing energy-it was not rational. There was a lot of energy there. Being able to experience and FEEL what I wanted to do without any consequences and then zooming out as the neutral observer/space then zooming in was a great practice. As I did that, I noticed the “punishing” energy acted out then collapsed into another sensation of collapsing, aching, heaviness. Although that energy did not “resolve” I thanked it for revealing itself and look forward to experiencing that energy arising again (if it does). Thanks for this exercise, Elizabeth!   V.A.

“What I Knew has Got Down Into my Body”

I would like to share with Elizabeth and all participants the result of the work I did with Elizabeth in private session last week.
It was a long story of a 25 yearlong friendship interrupted with periods of quarrel; in spite of the many worksheets I did on this friend, the resentment I had never stopped; this time we entered through the feeling/energy and all its process…. Shortly after we finished the session I found that I could call her with a very clear voice and express what I intended without any bitterness nor resentment; we met as I asked her to solve the business which was on then; but the miracle for me is that I finally drop all expectation about this relationship, what I knew in my mind for a long time has got down in my body, she is as she is and I can’t change her! Thanks.  –B.L.

“Marrying The Work and Mindfulness”

Thank YOU! The course was really beneficial and I see “your way” as marrying The Work and MFN [Mindfulness]. It has been extremely beneficial in my life to realize I can let my feelings have their life without having to shout at someone or some other violent act.  –J.B.

“Cathartic Shift”

I attended the Convention [Institute for The Work] and had a breakthrough moment of letting myself feel in my body a traumatic belief I have held most of my life. It was cathartic and a bit of an event for me and those there. I thank you for helping me feel safe in my body through the EIQ class.  –S.W.

“Willing to Feel Now”

What keeps me from being really open and willing and looking forward to my partner doing (x, y, z)  again, is that I believe I don’t want to feel the feeling of diminishment again. Once questioned that, and having experienced the energy of diminishment without the story, it now feels much more possible to be willing to feel that again, and him to do x, y, z  again. Thank you to my partner for our great work together. –V.S.

“Authentic Direct Experience”

My experience with my partner (session 6 this evening) was the direct experience that I could indeed feel what I’d believed was too much. I could allow the energy of “unloved” live…I could feel the space of neutral kindness – that this is who I am with all the space to let the energy have its life. I actually felt the “I look forward to” feeling unloved- actually feeling the energy vs involving with thoughts about it. It was authentic. –N.P.

“One Hour = 20 Years Therapy”

My one-hour session with you today was like 20 years of therapy.” –J.M.

“Very Clear to Me”

Thank you, Elizabeth for your writings. I appreciate them and use them to connect and guide me back. In particular, the way you bring in the Tao and movies – it flows together to make something very clear to me. –S. G.

“Feelings CAN’T Hurt Me”

“I don’t ever want to feel worthless.” When I let feelings to have their life, the worst what happened was experiencing the heat, pressure, tears. The belief that “I” has to be protected from worthlessness is not making sense anymore. The feelings CAN’T hurt me. The hurt happens when I suppress my feelings and criticize them as unacceptable. –R.C.

“THE Turning Point”

 My private session with Elizabeth was the turning point… not only of the course but “the turning point” period… — D. L.

“This Work is so Liberating!”

Good morning. I posted my turnarounds a few days ago before I had finished the Tale-end inquiry as I wasn’t sure what we were to post. I finished the inquiry this morning and did the turnarounds again, and I am blown away by how different the new turnarounds are! This work is so liberating! The difference in how I feel is amazing, there is SO MUCH SPACE around the belief and my experience through it. THANK YOU!—S.T.

“No Need to Hide Feelings Anymore”

Thank you to you all….my fellow classmates and intrepid adventurers. I so value your openness and sincerity in class and sharing on Facebook your thoughts. I see the value of my body and its sensations after this class. No need to keep hiding them in my body anymore. –T. R.

“Many Parallels with Eckhart Tolle’s ‘Pain Body’ “

There are many parallels of Elizabeth’s approach to honoring and releasing negative energy with Eckhart Tolle’s concept of the “Pain Body”.  –G. S.

“Release from Old Stories”

This class was as challenging as it was rewarding and I feel lucky to have worked with my partner – her experience, kindness, and encouragement were just invaluable. Elizabeth’s way of guidance through the denseness and lightness of my thoughts, energetic sensations and release from some very old stories of responsibility was a gift. I am also very appreciative to have been witness to others’ brave insights and experiences throughout the class thank you! –M.K.

“A New Life for Me”

I loved this class and got so very much out of it. I loved the private sessions with you Elizabeth where I got to experience the class work we had been learning as a client of yours with so much experience in this. 3 sessions really is a great idea to sit deeply in and learn the theory in class alongside practice.
I got to face some really painful thoughts I had been carrying.
I left our last session thinking “I can choose to engage in misery …or not!”. What an amazing insight! I don’t even know how to think of myself now. When someone complains I wonder what I will think, say and do?? I have been one to sympathize with others to show them I care and I am really listening….now what! A new life for me after this class. –J. S.

“The Light Gets In”

I can now better understand that the labels, interpretations, and judgments are what is bringing the sensations— crying, heat, tightness vs the actual situation. I had labeled these sensations as bad, unwanted, need to resist, escape etc., creating more tension and anxiety. Thanks to this class, I can find a softer, kinder place of noticing and allowing/accepting the sensations to flow through and out of my “body” versus shunning, labeling them with such rigidity, rejection, resistance and harshness. I have lived life in such a fearful, anxious controlling way to avoid any situations that might bring on my “bad” unacceptable weak feelings — it is so refreshing to see/feel that I can find some rays of light — “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”  Thank you!! –B. W.

“Extraordinary Inner Journey”

Thank you for this 6 weeks of an extraordinary inner journey. — M. I.

“Realize Now that I Have Choice”

Never was I able to realize that I have a choice as much… the that I have the option to drop involvement with emotions,  or that I can choose to keep it… –S. N.

“Profound Work”

Thank you, everyone, for this profound Work. I am so grateful to you all.   –F. A.

“Only One Label”

According to ACIM, there are only two emotions, Love and Fear. And only Love is real. Maybe all the mind-made labels are really referring to one only label, Fear, and not even Fear is real. –L.D.

“A Real Shift”

Working with everybody has been so helpful but tonight working with my partner, I noticed a real shift in the sensation–not a disappearing like the mind wants, but an opening and softness and tenderness with it. It is difficult to find words for it. I love that, when I stay with the sensations that I don’t want to feel as the space WITHOUT the story, that the story disappears in that moment, and the person I can’t forgive disappears with it. –M. P.


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