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On Classes

"Even More Grateful"

Today I'm even more grateful (if it is possible) to Elizabeth for guiding us so gently into conscious awareness. It possible and much easier now for me to allow and receive feelings that I collected through the eons of time and let them have their life. --C.H.

"Until EIQ I Couldn't Find the Space"

The past few years in a row I would attend a weekly silence retreat with Jeff Foster. His honesty is raw and encouraging so much that in his soft presence I came out of my shell and felt alive but till the EIQ with you, I couldn't find or relax into that space allowing and receiving my feelings, and for that I'm deeply grateful to you and classmates. --R. L.

"This Teaching is Essential"

This series with Elizabeth and the group support is a catalyst in the integration of the "most difficult parts" of my certification program with ITW, the many silents retreats I lived with Adyashanti, a month-long silent retreat in a Tibetan meditation center, and so many other events that were experienced with "shocking degrees" but without the “letting-go and releasing algorithm" that was given during the EIQ curriculum and experiences set. In one way or another, one form or another, one language or another, this teaching is essential and either met accidentally, or deliberately with the grace of being pointed to this course and Elizabeth. Can I say thank you once again? --G.F.

"Progress Alongside Us"

I enjoy how you share your experimentation and progress alongside us Elizabeth. I can’t remember the last time I had a teacher who did that!

"Passed with Flying Colors"

I have passed every “test” I ever wanted to pass with my mother, with flying colors. I have sat with the sensations and said to them “you do your thing while I listen to my mother”. I don’t have to tell you, IT WORKS. I am purely grateful and humbled and in awe. And I continue to release and unravel! Thank you Elizabeth and friends in the work. --M.Z.

"Huge Gratitude"

Feeling huge gratitude for this amazing work you offer dear Elizabeth, and to all my fellow travelers. Thank you.

"Best Session I've Ever Had"

After our last session I felt "this is the best hour-long session I've ever had with any teacher, therapist, trainer in my whole life” ... and I wanted to thank you, thank you, thank you for that!!  --A.N.

"Life Changing"

This Work and my sessions with Elizabeth have been life-changing.  --R.V.

"Makes Meditation Come Alive"

Wow, wow, wow. I’ve been meditating for many years, and could not find the deep space of meditation in my daily life, full of constant triggers. After just one session with Elizabeth, I realize this approach with emptying out the backlog of feelings, makes meditation come alive in my daily experience.  --J.J.

"Waiting All My Life"

I’ve been waiting for this Work with emotions, all my life.  --C.W.

"Best Workshop I've Ever Attended in My Life"

Yesterday was the best workshop I’ve ever attended in my life—in any modality, and I've experienced many! I felt like a huge weight had been lifted—I felt 100 pounds lighter. I told my friend who has these same issues, that he ought to try The Work. I am thrilled to have found this!

"Amused, Amazed and Thrilled"

Here I am about 40 hours before the last class of this course and I have yet to post a word. Normally I post a lot. I came to this class terrified. I've been up and I've been down since it started. I've had experiences that have amused, amazed, and thrilled me. I feel like an infant who was given a bite of watermelon for the first time. No idea where it came from, where it went, but my goodness, it's yummy. Is there more?

"A Space for My Heart to Come Out"

It's very difficult for me to express my gratitude to you for your offering of this class. I experienced the class as a space for my heart to come out. With every experience of your class, there is more trust that my heart can come out into the open. I feel energy/ tension/ upset that there is no way to repay you. Maybe I can question that feeling, hmmm.

"Pleasantly Shocked"

I was, and continue to be, pleasantly shocked by this class.

"Skills I Learned Extremely Effective"

I wanted to send you an update since our class ended. I've been finding the skills I learned in your class extremely effective. I've been bringing myself back over and over to feeling the energies and vibrations that arise. It definitely feels like I'm on the path I've been searching for as I don't feel so much that such feelings and emotions are threatening, rather as I open to them there is what I would describe as a softness.

I've been really enjoying questioning concepts regarding 'another' as I'm beginning to feel from my direct experience how 'another' is me each and every time, except for only when I'm not aware of that. LOL.

"It Was a Privilege to Have Taken This Class"

What worked for me was the huge portals being opened along the way in this class. Elizabeth's offering an additional hour each week as a support class was really generous. I experienced this class as masterfully put together, and offered in a very effective way. The venue was excellent, the connection on free conferencing was clear and provided serene space for us. Finally, what worked for me was that I feel fundamentally different as I experienced this class. It was a privilege to have taken this class. I hadn't realized what the big deal was about emotions until this class. I wasn't aware of how I was resisting them automatically and with fervor. The experience of experiencing the emotion shame and powerlessness were experiences of grace, what a gift! Oh, my. This class was wonderful!

"I Felt So Embraced"

What I loved about the class was how I felt everyone was so there. More than likely I was there more completely than I have ever been before. I felt so embraced when someone said how they loved me after I had laughed and said something about you all loving me and not even knowing that my mute was not on. I loved it when _____ said something like she was more than willing to be humiliated to get what she came for out of the teleclass. This morning I remembered Katie also saying, “Get what you came for.”

"Wonderful and Warm-hearted Guidance"

I want to thank you once again for your wonderful and warm-hearted guidance in your workshop. I feel deeply grateful for your patience, compassion and clear mind. I look forward to even more laughter, as I meet this adventure called “life” from this amazing perspective you’ve helped me find!

On Results

30-Day 911 Course: "Just as you Said"

Meeting 3 times a day has shifted the crises that I came to you for. Just as you said: I found the real and actual experience of my own Presence, not as a theory or a longing. The feeling and belief that I’m cut off from Source, that life has abandoned me, is over. I know how to “wipe the slate clean, and in an instant’s turning” find the place of solid, secure peace that is untouchable by my mind. I’m looking forward to nurturing this ability to turn within.--L.L.

30-Day 911 Course: "Transformation"

It has been over a week now since we had a session. It seems, that life is going well without sessions or else we would still be having them :).
I want to fill you in on how things are going.
I barely get stressed about work.
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night sweating with fears of being alone forever and dying, just dying will give me a panic attack, those are fun. "What is not affected, what doesn't care or move and just allows everything to be?" is what I ask. Then I fall back to sleep, easily. 🙂
Its been about a month now that I haven't had a cigarette.
Waking up and meditating every morning and resting in awareness throughout the day.
I'm noticing more and more that taking care of me is happening.
None of this could have happened without it happening exactly the way it happened. Having sessions with you was a big part of that. Its nice to notice how incredibly helpful you were, how my transformation into a much more confident, happy, curious and peaceful self has emerged because of the work we did together. I am very grateful with tears as I type this. I remember having so many stressful thoughts, especially during the withdrawal from those pills and how after each session I felt better. I don't even know how to tell you how much you supported me. Love, --K.W.

"Our Relationship Changed 180 Degrees"

After two years of doing The Work with you on my sister, who I've been certain I cannot ever forgive….well, five days ago at 343pm, I was sitting in her living room and it suddenly hit me: “Why, I’ve been making the whole story of her up! I've been looking at her wall decorations for 40 years and an internal voice has been saying, “See, that proves there's a bad person here.” Or, looking at the frilly furniture in her house and saying, “See, that proves there's a stupid person here.” Or, looking at the way she walks, and her posture when she sits in that chair, and saying, “See, that proves there's a hateful, mean person here that should NEVER be forgiven.” My God…. In that moment of seeing, something broke open inside, and tears flooded, my body shook, and I saw her for the first time without my story. It was just a moment of pure grace. The question of forgiving her was over. How could there be a question of forgiving, when the issue was about a person who I had been making up? That person never existed. I am still, five days later, shaken open and feel newly alive. And, our relationship has changed 180 degrees, without any change in outside circumstances to bring that about. Just the radical change in me, the perceiver. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.--L.V.

"Systemic Shift"

After a few sessions with you in the Compulsion Inquiry, I am relieved to notice there is a systemic shift. After all the years of trying other methods and approaches to overcome food compulsion, I feel this is what I’ve been looking for. Spotting the ghost image or ghost feeling, and taking the time to acknowledge it, breathe with it, feel it. All along, that ghost image has just been asking to be acknowledged. It takes time, but we worked on that in the last session—the compulsion to not want to stop and take time. All this time, there was that persistent ghost “Itch” saying “Go ahead, eat.” Now I notice it’s just an itch, wanting to be acknowledged. --M.S.

"Emotions Seen as Gifts"

I am really so grateful for your bringing forth this inquiry into emotions through the Work, and now through the Kiloby method. For the majority of my life I was so afraid of feeling my emotions and yet I craved feeling my emotions. Now I am seeing them as a gift and something else to be grateful for.  --J.G.

"A Way to Look Clearly"

Thank you so much for this profound work!  I am seeing so much more clearly my compulsion to 'split' inside and have a fight between my illusory fantasy of a me in the future and what is going on in the present. Once I look clearly, the habitual energy of contraction seems to disappear. This process gives me a way to look clearly.

"Feeling More Love and Compassion in My Heart"

Some of the benefits I have received are: Feeling more love and compassion in my heart towards my oldest sister, my parents and the people with which I have had life long resentments. Feeling more love in my heart and compassion for myself. I am not so scared of my thoughts, not so desperate to find love and happiness and meaning, more OK with what is going on right now in my life, not so preoccupied with my health, my finances, my dating life. I am less afraid and more able to find enjoyment and peace with anger, fears, and sadness. I am spending less time stuffing my emotions and more time enjoying them.

"Able to Solve Problems with Determination and Creativity"

I have proof [now] that I am able to solve major logistic problems with strong determination and creativity; and that I can experience to 'nearly die' of outer and inner pressure, and still see a friendly universe and show up.

Freedom with Money Issue

After we worked on my money issue last week, I experienced a change that was really nice. When I found myself in situations dealing with money and asking people to pay, there was no sense of urgency and terror. I wasn’t invested at all in how they felt about what I was saying. That was really nice!

"Social Anxiety Seemed to Just Fall Away"

A huge added benefit of sessions with Elizabeth is my significant decrease in taking Lorazepam. I haven’t taken any for weeks and for someone who could not look a person in their eyes since 15 years of age, this is amazing. Some of the ways I have tried to be social anxiety free before this course are: EMDR therapy, counseling, hypnosis, Time-line therapy, NLP, meditation, subliminals, Sedona Method coaching, Holosync, anxiety coaching, numerous workshops and retreats, 21 days in India, 10 days in India… I have spent 1000s and 1000s of dollars with great personal benefit, but little relief of the anxiety. In this 30 day course, we rarely worked on the problem and yet it just seemed to just fall away. I am still having a hard time believing it could leave without a fight. -C.K.

"Woke Up to the Gift"

Somehow suddenly, I woke up to the realization that the pain, the "bad feeling," is the POINT and the gift. The initial "cause," whatever it is--people who do or don't do what I want, or the binge, whatever--has come to exist specifically in order for me to experience exactly that reaction. That is its purpose. When I don't allow it, run, try to stop it, I am missing the opportunity to get my gift. What's on the other side of this realization? In this moment--completely pitiless, completely loving, ecstatic, happy me.

"More Hopeful in All My Relationships"

The Work and hotline are a miracle because after only our one 20-minute call, I felt love for my sister. And realized my distance from her equated to my relationship at work—not being able to look anyone in the eyes. Now I feel more hopeful in all my relationships. --K.A.

"My Heart Is Still Shining"

Happy New Year! Seven years after taking your class in The Work and Emotions, my heart is still shining, unfolding and giving me the connection with life I longed for since childhood. Many many thanks.--K.H.

"I Can Survive Even My Most Stressful Thinking"

This is a wonderful class--it has helped me deepen my experience of The Work on a daily basis; I've been able to apply the work daily and it has helped me stay grounded through what I perceive to be very stressful situations in the past month--just breathing, identifying, describing the weather has helped get me out of my head and back into my body and into the present--I've been able to see I can survive even my most stressful thinking, and EIQ has helped enormously in this regard.--C.V.

"I Am Better Connected to Me"

What I noticed this week is that when I spend some time investigating the body/emotions as part of #3, then answering the other #3 questions come much easier. I see it as I am better connected to me after investigating/welcoming the emotions/body sensations--and from that place of deep connection to my inner self, then I really can answer the other #3 questions ... like how do you treat the other, how do you live your life and what do you fear.--J.A.

"I Feel Safer, More Taken Care of and More OK"

I feel safer, more taken care of, and more OK with not knowing if I will ever marry and more OK with death. Being safe is something my intellect has tried to force to happen and somehow the work we did last time kept playing through my head, just helped me relax just enough to be with my children. Yaaay! I like this calmer feeling.... This feels more solid, like I grew up just a tiny bit, yesterday. 🙂 I keep seeing the Grinch’s heart grow a few sizes in the cartoon.--S.L.

"My Heart Opened Like a Flower in Spring Time"

Wow. Amazing. Speechless. I could write a chapter in a book about each day’s lesson and then another chapter about my experiences following our session during the day. I’m not trying to be too dramatic here but my sessions with Elizabeth have given me more than I could have hoped for in regards to feeling, safe, secure, connected to myself, other people and this ‘world’ (God). It seems to me that a lifetime of seeking, 7 years of ultra-focused study on being happy no matter what (poor health, no family, no wife, bankrupt) has finally paid off. The Work of Byron Katie facilitated through Elizabeth via this 30-Day Course took my extreme desire for wholeness and a lot of prior really hard work and just opened my heart like a flower in the springtime.

On The Work

"Astounding Insight"

I have been doing the Work since 2004 and have worked with and facilitated many people. Of everyone that I have worked with or discussed the work with, no one has ever been able to frame the concepts and basic truths as eloquently, simply and beautifully as you did today with me on the phone. Your insight into our innocence is astounding. Thank you for your incredible ability to listen and hear and accept, your brilliantly simple communication, and that you inhabit your insights.

"Re-opening The Work Door for Me"

EJ offers a demanding program with flexibility (optional exercises). Repeating it would take me deeper and deeper. It offers substance, solidity, spaciousness and PHYSICALITY (just right for me, as I seem to have been chewing on pre-verbal pain (and my self-inflicted suffering on top of it): She is re-opening The Work door for me.

"Moved The Work to a New Level"

This class has moved The Work to a new level for me. I am inspired to be in my business and have developed a level of intimacy with myself not experienced before. I am blessed to know Elizabeth and value her commitment to the work.

"Better Able to Sit with the Emotions of Others"

I just wanted to thank you ... I have been using the E.I. inquiry questions when I facilitate, and today a woman said that she experienced a profound shift when I asked the questions about her emotions. She wants to do more of that in The Work. I have noticed a depth to the work lately that I attribute directly to your class. With several people, it has just been so amazing... both men and women deeply accessing their emotions. What I am noticing is a deeper connection/answering of the questions after spending some time with the emotional content.

This class has deepened my work and helped me stop running away from my inner experience. As my ability to be with myself grows, I am better able to sit with the emotions of others.

"Unique Approach Helping Me Return to The Work"

Thank you for this teleclass! Your unique approach (classmates sharing what's happening INSIDE the class situation as well, and taking plenty of time to feel the raw energy) is helping me return to TW with an open trusting heart.

"Helped Me Really Do The Work for the First Time"

The Work is amazing, and you helped me really do it for the first time---I used to listen to some of the CDs about The Work, and thought I could easily see what the person was realizing. It wasn't until I was feeling stuck and really did this work with you that I now feel almost transformed, as the truth bubbles up from inside many times a day.

On EIQ Teleclass

"What I Knew has Got Down Into my Body"

I would like to share with Elizabeth and all participants the result of the work I did with Elizabeth in private session last week.
It was a long story of a 25 yearlong friendship interrupted with periods of quarrel; in spite of the many worksheets I did on this friend, the resentment I had never stopped; this time we entered through the feeling/energy and all its process.... Shortly after we finished the session I found that I could call her with a very clear voice and express what I intended without any bitterness nor resentment; we met as I asked her to solve the business which was on then; but the miracle for me is that I finally drop all expectation about this relationship, what I knew in my mind for a long time has got down in my body, she is as she is and I can't change her! Thanks.  --B.L.

"Marrying The Work and Mindfulness"

Thank YOU! The course was really beneficial and I see "your way" as marrying The Work and MFN [Mindfulness]. It has been extremely beneficial in my life to realize I can let my feelings have their life without having to shout at someone or some other violent act.  --J.B.

"Cathartic Shift"

I attended the Convention [Institute for The Work] and had a breakthrough moment of letting myself feel in my body a traumatic belief I have held most of my life. It was cathartic and a bit of an event for me and those there. I thank you for helping me feel safe in my body through the EIQ class.  --S.W.

"Willing to Feel Now"

What keeps me from being really open and willing and looking forward to my partner doing (x, y, z)  again, is that I believe I don't want to feel the feeling of diminishment again. Once questioned that, and having experienced the energy of diminishment without the story, it now feels much more possible to be willing to feel that again, and him to do x, y, z  again. Thank you to my partner for our great work together. --V.S.

"Authentic Direct Experience"

My experience with my partner (session 6 this evening) was the direct experience that I could indeed feel what I’d believed was too much. I could allow the energy of “unloved” live...I could feel the space of neutral kindness - that this is who I am with all the space to let the energy have its life. I actually felt the “I look forward to” feeling unloved- actually feeling the energy vs involving with thoughts about it. It was authentic. --N.P.

"Very Clear to Me"

Thank you, Elizabeth for your writings. I appreciate them and use them to connect and guide me back. In particular, the way you bring in the Tao and movies - it flows together to make something very clear to me. --S. G.

"Feelings CAN'T Hurt Me"

"I don’t ever want to feel worthless." When I let feelings to have their life, the worst what happened was experiencing the heat, pressure, tears. The belief that “I” has to be protected from worthlessness is not making sense anymore. The feelings CAN'T hurt me. The hurt happens when I suppress my feelings and criticize them as unacceptable. --R.C.

"THE Turning Point"

 My private session with Elizabeth was the turning point... not only of the course but “the turning point” period… -- D. L.

"No Need to Hide Feelings Anymore"

Thank you to you fellow classmates and intrepid adventurers. I so value your openness and sincerity in class and sharing on Facebook your thoughts. I see the value of my body and its sensations after this class. No need to keep hiding them in my body anymore. --T. R.

"Many Parallels with Eckhart Tolle's 'Pain Body' "

There are many parallels of Elizabeth's approach to honoring and releasing negative energy with Eckhart Tolle's concept of the "Pain Body".  --G. S.

"Release from Old Stories"

This class was as challenging as it was rewarding and I feel lucky to have worked with my partner - her experience, kindness and encouragement was just invaluable. Elizabeth’s way of guidance through the denseness and lightness of my thoughts, energetic sensations and release from some very old stories of responsibility was a gift. I am also very appreciative to have been witness to others brave insights and experiences throughout the class???? thank you! --M.K.

"A New Life for Me"

I loved this class and got so very much out of it. I loved the private sessions with you Elizabeth where I got to experience the class work we had been learning as a client of yours with so much experience in this. 3 sessions really is a great idea to sit deeply in and learn the theory in class alongside practice.
I got to face some really painful thoughts I had been carrying.
I left our last session thinking "I can choose to engage in misery ...or not!". What an amazing insight! I don't even know how to think of myself now. When someone complains I wonder what I will think, say and do?? I have been one to sympathize with others to show them I care and I am really what! A new life for me after this class. --J. S.

"The Light Gets In"

I can now better understand that the labels, interpretations and judgments are what is bringing the sensations— crying, heat, tightness vs the actual situation. I had labeled these sensations as bad, unwanted, need to resist, escape etc., creating more tension and anxiety. Thanks to this class, I can find a softer, kinder place of noticing and allowing/accepting the sensations to flow through and out of my “body” versus shunning, labeling them with such rigidity, rejection, resistance and harshness. I have lived life in such a fearful, anxious controlling way to avoid any situations that might bring on my “bad” unacceptable weak feelings — it is so refreshing to see/feel that; that I can find some rays of light — “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” ???????????? Thank you!! --B. W.

"Extraordinary Inner Journey"

Thank you for this 6 weeks of an extraordinary inner journey. -- M. I.

"Realize Now that I Have Choice"

Never was I able to realize that I have a choice as much… the that I have the option to drop involvement with emotions,  or that I can choose to keep it… --S. N.

"Profound Work"

Thank you, everyone, for this profound Work. I am so grateful to you all.   --F. A.

"Only One Label"

According to ACIM, there are only two emotions, Love and Fear. And only Love is real. Maybe all the mind-made labels are really referring to one only label, Fear, and not even Fear is real. --L.D.

"A Real Shift"

Working with everybody has been so helpful but tonight working with my partner, I noticed a real shift in the sensation--not a disappearing like the mind wants, but an opening and softness and tenderness with it. It is difficult to find words for it. I love that, when I stay with the sensations that I don't want to feel as the space WITHOUT the story, that the story disappears in that moment, and the person I can't forgive disappears with it. --M. P.

"Blew My Mind"

The Emotional Intelligence Teleclass blew my mind.
--S. R.

"Out of the Mud"

Most of MY life I have felt as if I have been “drowning” in heavy thick mud of MY emotions. I feel our teleclass about Emotional Intelligence with Elizabeth was a rope that pulled me out of the mud and gave me a marvelous clean bath, rubbed cream over all my skin and dressed me in pure white, lovely ironed clothes. I woke up feeling so completely different this morning or out of the mud.
--C. M.


The Work and Emotional Intelligence Teleclass: Authentic. Inviting to explore, inviting to go across boundaries and borders. An inspiring mix of gentle, confronting-opening, combined with laughter, lightness, silence, letting it all "shine" 🙂 Getting into raw energy in our sessions and seeing a label fade away in the process was liberating.

"Really Learned to Let the Feelings Have Their Life"

What worked for me in The Work and Emotional Intelligence Teleclass:  I really learned (began to learn) to  let the feelings have their life. Elizabeth's warm manner, her additional support calls, her promise of being available for us individually, that [along with her way of doing] TW, I came really close to the "great undoing" of life-long beliefs.

"Extremely Valuable in Deepening into Inquiry"

This class should be more widely offered/promoted. I find it extremely valuable in deepening into inquiry.

"Lovely Practices that Touch Something Deep in Me"

What worked for me in The Work and Emotional Intelligence Teleclass: Sitting with and observing sensations as they arise. Spending time in non-labeling awareness. The invitation to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. All are lovely practices and touch something deep in me.

"Wonderful Clarification on How to Work with Feelings"

The Emotional Intelligence Teleclass gave me wonderful clarification of how to work with feelings and identify the thoughts behind them.

"A Wonderful Opening Experience"

This class works in the classroom, in the homework, the partner work and in the gaps, including sleep. A wonderful, opening experience--and it continues to work. Thank you Elizabeth.

On EJ Lavine

"An Emotion Whisperer"

Elizabeth is an emotion whisperer. I can only give an inkling into how much I have gained in five years of working with her. I call her about five times a year, when things get really tough. I know I can dig myself out of most problems, but every once in a while I need some new support. I turn to Elizabeth to be walked through my emotions and my thoughts about them. She gently but firmly helps me see how I set myself up to suffer. She provides ways to unsuffer through attention and inquiry. Every time I call there is another way of phrasing, another angle, consistent with her perspective. I have read the writers and healers who have been sources for her thinking, but I go to Elizabeth for the accent she puts on them within a space she holds. It is such a luxury to be able to relax into the suffering while she holds me and my mind to account. This accountability restores me to right mind and it gets a little easier to do it on my own each time.


I appreciate that you know deeply from your own experiences that parents and family are testing grounds and opportunities to let go of layers of ego. I thank you for being an angel in your interactions with me, teaching me that I am not a victim. That I never was. What a gift to know you.

"A True Gem"

Elizabeth is very available and supportive. She walks the walk and is a true gem in my life.

"Calm and Perceptive Facilitating"

What worked for me... EJ's calm and perceptive facilitating. While facilitating me she asked questions that helped me open to my answers. Her leadership, vulnerability, clarity, creativity, fearlessness. Her beautiful rich voice, the intimacy of her facilitation. The homework--it was different, fun, mind-blowing.

"A Soft Gentle Rain Mixed with a Surgeon's Knife and the All-Seeing Eye"

If I had any advice to someone taking this course with Elizabeth:  whatever secret thoughts and feelings that come up while doing the work, write them down, tell her about them and just dive headlong like a 5-year old into the places you don’t want to go. I’ve embarrassingly tried that and every time I do, I find more freedom and more liberation. BTW – Elizabeth is like a warm blanket, a soft gentle rain mixed with a surgeon’s knife and the all-seeing eye. Don’t expect anything but love, compassion and frank honesty from her. It’s the best medicine and a little contagious!

"No Bullshit"

Sometimes, no matter how long you've been practicing an inquiry kind of life, you just need extra help. Maybe you are in a hole. Maybe someone just died. Maybe, for the life of you, you can't seem to stop suffering about this one thing. Elizabeth Lavine has helped me out enormously during several such moments over the years. Her facilitation is spot-on. She has a keen and open mind, a huge heart, a generous laugh, and listening curious ears. And, she's been there. But, she's no bullshit. If you want bullshit, don't call her. If you want to find your truth, do!

"Helped Me Open to a Deeper, Clearer Me"

Elizabeth offers clarity, presence, and steadfastness. Her facilitation is attentive open, creative. She helped me find the heart of the issue and open to a deeper, clearer honest me: asking for what I want and need without apology.

"Tremendously Dedicated"

I see Elizabeth as rigourously honest, grounded, clear, and tremendously dedicated. She totally walks the walk. She is fearless in meeting stressful thoughts with curiosity, authenticity, humor, great creativity of perspective, and the spacious simplicity of Truth.

On Private Sessions

"Light Years of Consciousness Have Been Spanned"

I am so very grateful for our sessions, and it feels like light years of consciousness have been spanned.

"Embodied Spaciousness"

I've been blessed with amazing facilitation from many people, but our work together is what has always stood out most for me. Yes that quality of stillness, which is simply resonating between us. I'd add -- embodied spaciousness is what you have allowed me to work within, which has been delicious.

"An Experience in Transformation"

Working with Elizabeth is an experience in transformation. She works with surgical precision. She is excellent at bringing me back into the body to really experience the pain I thought was too scary to face. I have known very painful childhood memories become funny. Elizabeth's presence is loving.

"Way Beyond What I Could Find on My Own"

Working with Elizabeth has been an amazing adventure. What a trip! Again and again she has guided me into depths of peace, joy and embodied presence way beyond what I could find on my own, challenging my stuck, stale habits of thought, returning me home to a happy life.

"Really Inspiring"

I really love and appreciate your facilitation, you are really inspiring. Thank you and with love.

"Let the Light into My Darkness"

Thank you so much for your wisdom and clarity, you have let the light into my darkness. I highly recommend the 28-day turnaround course!

"Laser-like Facilitation Collapsed Issue in Our Very First Session"

Since our time together last month, there has been an amazing lightness and calm, I have moved through some things with ease that have been plaguing me for years. I’ve had uncountable therapy sessions in every possible type of treatment on this one childhood issue, and your laser-like facilitation collapsed it all in our very first session. Many, many thanks for your facilitation.

"Helped Me Enormously Find My Way Through"

Elizabeth - I just wanted to let you know two things.

First was I had an email from the man who left me for another woman. For the first time in ages I could see something I could not get before and it was just so clear to me that he was not someone I want in my life. I want to thank you for helping me so much with this. It had been hanging around for years and I feel like I have come home.

I really feel excited by living a life which is not the life of the victim. I don’t know how I am getting on with that--all I can say is that it is very very attractive to me.

You have helped me enormously find my way through with this.

"Made a Big Difference for Me"

I wanted to thank you for your generosity and help the past few weeks, and the freeing feeling I got from doing the work. It has made a big difference for me, and continues to have its effect.

"Incredible Work"

This is to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible work you did every time we worked over the past months. I called you twice in the middle of the night (for me) during my week-long intensive in California. I hit something deep-seated and painful. There was no way I could have handled it on my own and it was awkward to bring it up in the workshop. Because of your fabulous work, I was able to let go and woke up in the morning with total clarity about the issue. It also opened me to go deep when the next day _____worked on me in the group. I would not have gotten the treatment from her that I got without you. I am so grateful to you for your skill, your fearless inquiry and for your compassion. My very best to you, my friend.

"A World of Weight Has Been Lifted"

I just wanted to thank you again for time, help, insight and empathy last night in our session. I had been really depressed--pretty non-functional--for several days and feel like a world of weight has been lifted from my shoulders today. I know that this isn't the end of my depression but talking with you has given me hope that perhaps Katie's Work is a way out of my lifelong depression.

"What a Generous, Compassionate and Skilled Individual"

I had been experiencing some terror and despair, and Elizabeth invited me to let all the feelings come through, and as a result, I learned something valuable. She didn’t rush me, she made it possible for me to keep going in the inquiry despite the scary feelings and thinking, “I’m taking too much time, I shouldn’t be this upset,” etc. What a generous, compassionate, and skilled individual. Gratefully,

"Able to Remain in Gratitude and Ease"

I want you to know again how much I appreciate all your support with these inquiries. Last week I was able to remain in gratitude and ease for two whole days! The physical pain is quite challenging and difficult to manage especially with the meds necessary for the nerve pain. So I have lots to question, amidst the fear states, and the inquiry gives me a handle which I truly appreciate walking through this territory.
I am very grateful to you!
With love and in Awareness of the Presence and for your friendship in this space.

"Cuts to the Core"

The inquiry you offer cuts to the core.