TERA Overview


TERA (The Emotional Resolve Approach) is a procedure to let feelings have their life.

It’s an alchemical process whereby an emotional reaction is first reduced from a concept (for example, “fear” or “ecstasy”) to its reality as raw energy (clench, shake, pressure, etc.). Then the raw energy is allowed to run its course in the crucible of sustained awareness. Identifying and then allowing emotions to “run,’ as energies, is a radical reversal from the way most of us relate to emotions, which is involvement, either suppression or expression.

Why the hands-off approach? Because so long as emotions are involved with (suppression, expression), they act as a veil—veiling discernment. As well, they act like energy blockages in the nervous system and contribute to faulty wiring in the brain.

The most obvious manifestation of veiled discernment and faulty wiring in the brain is addictions. But overall, even if there are no obvious addictions running one’s life, so long as there are unresolved emotions one cannot be in tune with natural clarity or imperturbability. Instead, there is addiction to thinking. Instead of being in tune with the natural state—constancy of well-being, spiritual upliftment—there is a constancy of emotional ups and downs: excited today, depressed tomorrow. All one’s attention is absorbed by thinking.

Having attention absorbed by thinking is suffering because while so occupied, we are cut off from the natural state of constant, steady well-beingness.  And this suffering is completely unnecessary. The moment you truly see that your current way of relating to emotions—addictive thinking—is like a faulty computer program that has never worked and never will—you’ll be open to the cure: emotional resolving, by letting feelings have their life. When they do, a quiet mind naturally ensues.

Being in tune with the quiet mind establishes connection with the Divine—the state of Beingness that knows no separation and no suffering.

Initiating Alchemy

Emotional resolving begins with identifying the learned tendency to involve with blocked (chronic) emotions. Then, using specific tools of EIQ (Emotions Inquiry), one cultivates the hands-off approach. This requires invoking the natural, innate capacity to be still and rest internally with the essence of your being: pure consciousness.

As described, this is done by initiating alchemy.  An unpleasant emotion is first reduced from a concept (for example, “fear”) to its reality as raw energy (clench, shake, etc.). This is accomplished with self-inquiry.  Then the raw energy is allowed to run its course in the crucible of sustained awareness. This is accomplished with self-resting.

To facilitate effective alchemy, anything that would interfere with self-resting (thoughts or energies) is identified—and also alchemized. Essential to alchemy is deep breathing, which allows the neural pathway associated with a blocked energy, to be dismantled.  During the self-resting process, assisted by deep, steady breathing and nervous system relaxation, the outdated brain circuit gets an update. Now, a new neural pathway opens. Intelligent understanding of “what is true” supports the experience of unblocked energy.


Self-Inquiry and Self-Resting

What makes TERA unique is that it utilizes both self-inquiry and self-resting. Self-inquiry precisely identifies anything that interferes with alchemy; anything that interferes with the hands-off approach, especially the interference of analytical thinking. Self-inquiry (investigating thoughts) works synergistically with TERA (Self-resting) to dissolve resistance. Once resistance is identified, it can be systematically dropped.

When interference is dropped, the consciously-welcomed, warmly-invited, graciously-allowed energy has nothing to cling to, nothing to push against, nothing to give it seeming reality or validity, and thus it does the only thing it can do. It merges with the space in which it originated.

How is this effortless transformation possible? Since the blocked energy is only consciousness in the first place, taking a temporary form as disturbed energy, once consciousness withdraws investment from any form, the form has no power. It transmutes. Thus, consciousness transmutes itself. As the energy unblocks itself, it reveals the peace (the gold): the radiant, unshakable peace of pure consciousness.

Inner Weather

Another analogy for the transmutation of disturbed energy in the space of conscious awareness, is the weather. Disturbed weather—such as a hurricane, or windstorm, or rainstorm—these arise, reach a peak, and merge back into the space from which they originated. But imagine if you took a hurricane and contained it inside a gigantic structure. It would require constant maintenance to manage, monitor and control it. This is unnatural. Because it’s unnatural, it is experienced as intensely unpleasant. However, the moment it is un-contained, it goes through its natural cycle and merges back into the space in which it originated. It’s no longer “unpleasant.”

Unpleasant emotions are like the weather, inner weather. They naturally resolve when offered to the space, the sky-like space of consciousness from which they originated. Inner resolution of emotional blockages (unhappiness) is one of two essential benefits of TERA. The other benefit is establishing new neural pathways—pathways that support joy.

“Everyone is capable of doing this. It’s just that most people don’t want to.” –Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul


Everyone can uncover the root of unhappiness—blocked energies. Blockages are the past in you, the past that’s determining your present.

      • The past in you—when you learned to be at odds with the facts of life—how life unfolds from moment to moment. When you learned to judge, to single out life experiences as “This shouldn’t be happening,” or “I want something different to be happening.”
      • The past in you—when your brain got trained, to be emotional and perceive threats “then” that are not threats for you now.
      • The past in you—when you were conditioned to believe there were only 2 options when emotionally disturbed:  to suppress or express emotions instead of resolve.

“Nothing is more exciting than to watch a fear fade from the mind forever. Nothing is more delightful than to possess self-command in a world of chaos. There is no greater inspiration than to know that you have found the true path at last.”—Vernon Howard

In my experience, there is nothing more liberating than freedom from the past. Emotional resolving resolves the past as if it never happened. It is also a cessation of accumulating more energy blockages in the present.

The Welcoming Presence

Liberation requires being still. “Be still… and know I Am.” There is no better teacher of being still, than an activated energy blockage, which will not resolve itself by any think-and-do strategy; which gives itself up completely, only to the unconditionally welcoming presence of your immovable consciousness. People who “push your buttons”—unresolved blockages—are not enemies, then, but Angels in disguise, helping you to get unblocked and receive an ever-present flow of upliftment and well-being that is waiting to grace you.

Once you have a glimpse of the freedom possible through emotional resolving, the former habit to suppress or express emotions dissolves. You lose your identity as someone who needs to shut down to be safe from the natural flow of life, or someone who needs to control the flow of Life. Self-inquiry plus Self-resting is a doorway to a new life on earth; a profound way of “being in the world, but not disturbed by it”—fearless, joyful and worry-free. This is Self-realization.

“When there is no way out, there is still always a way through. So don’t turn away from the pain. Face it. Feel it fully. Feel it-don’t think about it. Express it, if necessary, but don’t create a script in your mind around it. Give all your attention to the feeling, not the person, event, or situation that seems to have caused it.

“Don’t let the mind create a victim identity for yourself out of it. Feeling sorry for yourself and telling others your story will keep you stuck in suffering. Since it is impossible to get away from the feeling, the only possibility of change is to move into it; otherwise, nothing will shift.

“So give your complete attention to what you feel, and refrain from mentally labeling it. As you go into the feeling, be intensely alert. At first, it may seem like a dark and terrifying place, and when the urge to turn away from it comes, observe it, but don’t act on it. Keep putting your attention on the pain, keep feeling the grief, the fear, the dread, the loneliness, whatever it is.

“Stay alert. Stay present-present with your whole Being, with every cell of your body. As you do so, you are bringing a light into this darkness. This is the flame of your consciousness.”― Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now