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It is like summoning up a genie that lives internally within me at all times. I trust this source completely to show me in the stillness. --Byron Katie


I invite you to go to  to “universal beliefs,” and find situations to apply to any one or two of them, and began to experience inquiry as a daily practice. Only you can actually shift your mind and life in a way that can give you another, better world that no one has the power to take from you. It is a kind world, it is the world we already live in, as opposed to a world we perceive. If I don’t live in a friendly universe, I have lost touch with reality. (When I make such statements to others, about their own work and world, I am quick to also say, “Please don’t believe me; test it for yourself.”) You are the one, and the power is within you, released through inquiry and silence, that can set you free.

Identify your thoughts. Write them down. Ask, wait, witness, and allow your world of suffering to shift.

These are interesting times we live in, with much turmoil, it seems. If you want to change the world for everyone, you can do it from within yourself. To change the world, question your internal world

Often when we think we’re being rational, we’re being spun by our own thinking. That trait explains how we get ourselves into the painful positions that Katie recognized in her own suffering. The self-questioning she discovered uses a different, less-known capacity of the mind to find a way out of its self-made trap. The Work is an ongoing and deepening process of self-realization, not a quick fix. It’s more than a technique. It brings to life from deep within us, an innate aspect of our being.

(From Loving What Is by Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell)

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