Awaken Awareness Within

"Heaven is not a place; it is a lofty level of psychic development.
Love is heaven. So is peace, understanding, compassion and tenderness.
Hell is also a psychic condition; one of ignorance and unawareness.
Hatred is hell. So is anger, arrogance, jealousy, competitiveness,
and especially fear. Heaven or hell are right now...as you well know.”
--Vernon Howard


Heaven, un-go-away-able, unlimited consciousness, is within. Finding Heaven within is the purpose of a spiritual path. Contemplative self-inquiry is the Way.   Self-inquiry is a process of questioning thoughts and beliefs which oppose peace and happiness.

Effective self-inquiry also requires being the space for emotional disturbances, which are the condensation of thoughts and beliefs. Being the space for disturbed energies requires great presence, and is a doorway into your Being.


This openness is presence, the background of all things. It's dimensionless. It's unlimited. No boundaries. And we want to limit it, by imagining that it’s inside the body. --Laura Lucille


Learning the art of being the space is the essence of  TERA: The Emotional Resolve Approach.

The moment you are decide you’ve had enough of a hellish inner life--and its counterpart in your outer circumstances--you're ready for the inner adventure.  You're ready to learn self-inquiry and emotional resolving.

The inner adventure is all about embodied awakening: Knowledge of your real identity as consciousness, experienced as a felt-realization.

Embodied awakening is heaven within.


You are learning how to separate out the observer—your consciousness—from the false in you.
After enough practice, the false self is exposed and cannot stand alone and so vanishes.
The task is to remember to be conscious.

What counts is the number of times each minute, hour, day that you remember to separate. Not how long you hold each separation.

As we win the battle within ourselves, we win the battle of life without. --Barry Long