Awaken Awareness Within:

The Swifter Intelligence Method

Welcome! All is well and unfolding as it should. To realize and live this truth is the essence of a blissfully happy life—happiness with no downside.

Yet, so long as one remains identified as a “self”, as a person, separate and individual from the “All,” one cannot have un-go-away-able happiness.

With the tools of the Swifter Intelligence Method, you'll discover how to make the switch in identity, from the imaginary “person” to your real identity: the Indwelling state of Being. This state of Being is here, now; It is neither born, nor can it die or cease to Be.   This state--ever-aliveness, ever-Lightness, ever-whole, perfect and complete--is thus, not added or found, but merely realized, by making the shift in identity.

In the guidance I offer, I have borrowed the term swifter intelligence from the spiritual master Barry Long who used that term often in his teaching. (see BarryLong.org)

In his talk “The Original State of Being,” he describes getting rid of false identification with the “person” as follows:  

A person can never be free of unhappiness for every person is unhappiness itself. And yet the person is a phantom invented by our minds and our emotions or feelings. For if you have no feelings, no interpretation of the environment, no mental or emotional reference to the environment, then there’s no person. The person disappears.

The person can only exist while you have emotions: doubts, fear, negativity. The person can only exist then. And of course, the whole world exists off: looking for excitement; then having misery after that, the down-going moods, the unhappiness.

So they go up and down. That's the person. The person has to live off the polarity of positive and negative, pain and excitement. Between those two does the person gain its structure.

So how do you get rid of the person? You give up the pain to start with. Now one would think that was quite a simple thing to say to anyone. But It’s not simple for the human being, for the human being is a person. And to give up the pain would be to give up their self. So they don't understand what I'm saying and

Then I have to describe what the pain is. The pain is doubts, fears, negativity, negative emotion; any emotion is pain, for you or someone else. So you’ve got to give up the pain. And then gradually the excitement in the person’s life starts to diminish. Because you cannot get excited if you have no more pain in you. Isn't that amazing! Isn't that amazing, you cannot get excited if you have no more pain left in you. Isn't that amazing!

So you don’t have to worry about giving up the excitement. You just give up the pain and you change the polarity so that the person disappears because it’s a phantom anyway depending on a complete invention, selfish invention, called a person: negativity

"You just give up the pain." How? In private and/or group meetings, I teach three foundational tools that comprise the Swifter Intelligence method--how to shine the light of Intelligence on the pain, which is suppressed negative emotions in the subconscious; then, how to give up interest/involvement/identification with the pain. As one grows in capacity to honor silence and stillness within--the Presence of God--clouds of unhappiness dissolve. The Sun of your real Being shines, already-and-ever-present happiness. 

        1. The Swifter Worksheet;
        2. TERA, the Emotional Release Approach, and
        3. SFQ, the Swifter Four Questions.

I welcome you with all my heart and look forward to being with anyone who is earnestly aiming for happiness, un-go-away-able happiness that's independent of the ups-and-downs of the false (emotional) person.