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The following is from the introduction to The Open Door: Invite Your Superhuman Self:

Swifter Intelligence is a method that helps you awaken awareness within and directly experience the Beingness of your divine and superhuman (i.e. beyond human) Self. We awaken to our inner Being only as we choose quietude, stillness and silence and develop the capacity to rest attention there.

If one’s attention is focused instead, on thoughts and feelings, that's the same as denying or ignoring the true Self.

The choice to deny or ignore ever-present inner Beingness, felt as alive stillness, thereby lends validity to the suggestions of thought and the constant emotional roller coaster of feelings. And the suggestions of thoughts and feelings are all about limitation. In particular, the great majority of thoughts and feelings—the ones that demand or seduce your attention—are all about me, a limited someone who lacks attention, control and safety. The result of giving validity to such thoughts and feelings is stress, stress, stress!

Stress—because there's nothing more stressful for an infinite Being, than the experience of lack and limitation. Stress is automatic when you imagine your Self to be “contained” inside a cramped, fragile body, at the effect of outer circumstances, and also at the effect of inner circumstances: thoughts and feelings.

If you are reading this, the most significant decision you can make to end stress has already been made.  You've already made the choice for freedom from imagining your Self to be only a limited body-mind-human. You'd like to be what you truly are, instead of imagining to be what you are not: that which practices suffering by involving with limiting thoughts and feelings, which give you a hard time at best, and a truly miserable life experience at worst.

The good news is that when you make the choice to awaken and be free, you cannot fail. Because your Self is already free. It already IS unlimited power and unlimited freedom. It has infinite freedom to choose where It pours Its interest, attention and identity.

How can this be an experiential realization, rather than a belief or theory? Sustained inner quietness (Self-resting) reveals the truth. With Self-resting, one awakens (or remembers) the innate capacity to choose: “Into what arising experience do I wish to invest my attention?”

As Self-resting proceeds, resistance to stillness arises in the form of suppressed negative emotions: boredom, restlessness, fear, etc. Indeed, the arising of negative emotions is the challenge in the awakening process. However, these arise not to torture you, but because You, the Self-Awareness have made the decision to withdraw the former investment into limiting thought forms. During the withdrawal from limiting thoughts, suppressed emotions come into the light to be released and resolved, exactly like trapped animals release themselves from a cage and disappear into the wild, once the door is opened.

The arising of negative emotions, then, is not a command to react, to give up, but rather, they are a cue to open even more; to call on (and rest with) the light of inner Beingness even more. The moment the light is accepted as the doorway to the divine Self, a wave of determination is unleashed. The light increases and supports the release of long-suppressed (and pressurized) emotions.

As negatively-charged emotions release, thousands of thoughts that were motivating the energies of boredom, restlessness, fear, etc., collapse and disappear themselves. This is the dawning of a quiet mind.

All spiritual teachings have taught for hundreds and thousands of years, that a quiet mind is the prerequisite to realize the Self. What has not been widely known is how to sustain quietness long enough for the clouds of negative thinking and feeling to dissolve—so that the Sun can shine! With the steps of Self-resting-release, sustained quietness becomes not only possible but the most joyful endeavor anyone can embark upon.

Here is a brief overview of Self-resting-release.

Self: By conscious investigation/self-inquiry, you achieve the experiential realization of the superhuman Self, your real identity.

Resting: See the need for (and grow the capacity for) resting attention with inner quietude. We don’t “do” anything to achieve a quiet mind, because that is more involvement with the mind! Rather, we access and rest our attention with what is already utterly still, pristinely silent and vibrantly alive.

ReleaseDevelop courage and willingness for sustained Self-resting. Open and invite subconscious resistance to being still, resistance in the form of negative emotions such as boredom, restlessness, frustration, fear, etc. As negative emotional energy—the main motivator for thoughts— is allowed to arise and run its course, it releases into the light of consciousness and is absorbed.

Finally, confirm your experiential realization:  the presence of alive stillness that is ever-undisturbed by the passing “clouds” of negative thought and emotion.

With the guidance of Swifter Intelligence, a quiet mind and constant, conscious connection with the superhuman Self is simple. One only needs sincere desire, faith and a relaxed, watchful attitude. This work is watchful love.

Welcome to Swifter Intelligence, Self-resting-release!

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[1] Reasoning that relies on first-hand direct experience for answers, rather than on second-hand theory.