Awaken Awareness Within:

The Swifter Intelligence Method

EL had practiced The Work of Byron Katie and other self-inquiry methods for 15 years.

Then, negative feelings that had been suppressed since childhood came suddenly to the fore; and these feelings—hopelessness, jealousy, anger—would not “yield” by the well-worn ways she had relied on through spiritual seeking.  She experienced suicidal depression, "incurable" insomnia and a subsequent dark night of the soul experience.

By grace, she met a masterful spiritual guide. In the very first meeting, this guide told her, “You're covered with a thick cloud of negativity, and the moment you make the decision to focus on the sun instead of the clouds, they will dissolve on their own. But it must be a very strong decision, and made again—daily, hourly, if necessary—until you awaken awareness within.”

The Swifter Intelligence Method was created based on her experience of suicidal depression and subsequent awakening into stable peace and happiness. (2015-2017.) The result of her wish and efforts to codify the guidance is TERA, (The Emotional Release Approach), and the Swifter Four Questions.

TERA acts to unblock any backlog of suppressed negative energies. Once there is more "flow", experienced as easier access to Presence, the Swifter Four Questions come into play. These questions act as a switch, anytime there is a stress response or a temptation to indulge in suffering. They deliver immediate access to what is real: silent, serene calm; the vast intelligence of presence, or awareness.

”Today, I am blessed beyond measure to offer this Method, and to support a thriving online Swifter Community.”

 She offers Swifter courses and graduates of the 30-Day Course have created (and serve on) the Swifter 911 Helpline where an incoming student (or current member) can reach out and receive free support from anywhere in the world.

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